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how tall is mod sun

Mod Sun is an Australian rapper and singer. He is known for his edgy, rock-and-roll style, and he is very tall. The singer, whose real name is Derek Smith, started his career as a drummer in heavy metal bands. He later switched to hip hop and released his first mixtape, “Let Ya Teeth Show,” in 2009. The rapper coined the term “hippy hop,” a term that now reflects the nature of his music. At 5 ft 5 1/2 inches, he weighs 68 kilograms.

Mod Sun’s height is one of the most common questions in the media. His weight is 150 pounds, and his height is approximately five feet and five inches. He has long blonde hair and green eyes. He was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011, competing against sixteen other independent artists. His looks are surprisingly slim for a rap artist, but there are plenty of photos of him that will give you a different perspective.

Mod Sun is a tall man with a light complexion and a blonde head of hair. His long hair makes him look like a model. The rapper’s height also makes him a great candidate for the cover of Rolling Stone. As a musician, he has been a part of many popular acts, including the New Order, and has worked with various artists. His debut EP, “The Untold Story,” was released in 2009, and he has released a number of mixtapes and EPs since. He is known as a master in the hip-hop field, and has gained a large fan base across the world.

In addition to being a successful writer, Mod Sun is a popular rapper. He was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011, as one of the 16 independent artists competing for the Rolling Stone cover. The actor also has an own clothing line. He has been married once, but has a single past relationship. If you want to know how tall Mod is, this information is for you. Just keep reading for more information about him!

According to wiki, Mod Sun is 5ft 6 inches tall. He weighs 150 pounds and has a medium-sized frame. He has long blonde hair and green eyes. In 2011, he was a contestant for the cover of Rolling Stone. However, he has been divorced since February 2019. So, he has a taller frame than Bella Thorne. And his boyfriend has a shorter height than Mod Sun.

The teen rapper Mod Sun is 5 feet 5 inches tall. He is also a Pisces. His birthday is March 21. He is also five months old. The singer has been married to Tana Mongeak for three years. She was the singer’s manager for a few years. The couple has two children. He has earned a fortune from his rap career. So, how tall is Mod Sun?

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