How accessiBe’s Widget Lifts the Digital Barrier for Blind People

In this day and age, a disability no longer carries the stigma that it once did, and thanks to a huge advancement in modern technology; even those that struggle with disabilities can enjoy life the way that they deserve. One such tool is provided by software developer accessiBe, and it boasts a unique variety of features and functions to help those suffering from blindness, while allowing them to be as active as those with full vision.

What Are the Digital Barriers for Blind People?

Although many websites and service providers have provided a variety of ways for those suffering from blindness to navigate their services – even more are yet to make the upgrade. As a result, there is still a range of digital barriers for blind people, including the inability to navigate particular sites, access certain information, or enjoy the web for both personal and professional activities. accessiBe has striven to change these events by making it easier for those suffering from vision impairment to do what they need to do online, in a controlled, safe environment.

Bridging the Gap with the accessWidget from accessiBe

Considered ground-breaking by many, the accessWidget from accessiBe makes inspection of a website for accessibility flaws as simple as you’d imagine. It can be installed manually by a user, or handled by the accessiBe team who are experts in its application and implementation. Regardless of whether coding was used for the site, drag and drop features, CMS, or WordPress tools – the accessWidget is compatible with the vast majority of software on the market.

Once installed, it can be used to ‘bridge the gap’ and allow websites that were previously inaccessible to identify, evaluate, and introduce newer measures, allowing those with blindness to navigate with ease. It’s this inspection that has been responsible for some of the world’s leading brands and sites, with many businesses turning to accessiBe to upgrade their outdated web presence.

More About the accessiBe Platform

Initially introduced in the first quarter of 2018, accessiBe now employs over 100 personnel – each with their own skill sets. The platform itself has been responsible for introducing a range of world-class tools and facilities; from accessWidget and accessFlow, to their very own artificial intelligence software.

The platform is user-friendly and prioritizes ease of use, making it simple for businesses to integrate their tools into their networks and hardware without fuss. The goal of accessiBe is to assist with the development of an inclusive society and as those with disabilities often find themselves on the fringe of user access; accessiBe want to make it increasingly possible for people from all works of life to enjoy everything they access, whether they want to use services for personal or professional reasons.

An Overview of accessiBe

As briefly mentioned above, accessiBe was founded in 2018. The organization is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and it specializes in the development and production of the highest-grade tools and facilities to make life easier for its customer base. With an AI-powered tool ready to simplify processes, the AccessWidget is fully equipped to enhance accessibility for people with a host of needs, and accessFlow acting to benefit workplace productivity; many consider accessiBe to have become one of the market leaders within the tech field.

Unlike so many other services that employ a buy and try approach to business, accessiBe conducts itself in a different way. With a 7-day free trial being offered to new customers, not to mention an affordable, pay-as-you-go solution that makes monthly service payments simple and straightforward, you can utilize accessiBe’s functionality in a way that benefits you and your business from the moment it’s been installed.

Features of the accessiBe Platform

The accessiBe platform offers a variety of features and functions to be enjoyed by its users. These include:

  1. The AccessWidget – offering a unique approach to those requiring assistance for web accessibility and more
  2. Artificial Intelligence – capable of learning as it
  3. s used to make protocols and practices simpler for users
  4. Accessibility Interface – complete with controls to govern, modify
  5. ,
  6. and enhance accessibility
  7. accessFlow – designed to enhance the way in which a business functions whil
  8. e
  9. enhancing productivity
  10. Auditing – to identify key issues and hone in on concerns
  11. Monitoring – to recognize the behaviors of a business, regardless of the size
  12. Action Funnels – making it possible to take action for specific tasks to enhance and improve professional situations
  13. Integration – ensuring the smooth running and br
  14. oad
  15. compatibility for the accessiBe tools regardless of the device
  16. Inspections – to locate problems and report on how best improvements can be implemented and made
  17. User Testing – for simplified user experiences
  18. File and Media Accessibility – allowing integrated access easily, efficiently
  19. ,
  20. and securely
  21. VPAT – to ensure compliance with section 508 and mitigate and reduce the risk of lawsuits arising from breaches
  22. of
  23. this policy and legislation

The Role of the accessWidget in the accessiBe Platform

The main role of the AccessWidget within the accessiBe platform is to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for those facing difficulties such as blindness, to be able to function with efficient web accessibility. For example, if a blind person is working for a business but struggles to perform tasks due to impaired vision, the AccessWidget can work by simplifying the tasks that they need to perform or by converting previously inaccessible tasks into a more user-friendly alternative.

Understanding accessWidget

Powered by AI and considered the world’s leading automated web accessibility tool, accessWidget is capable of converting even the most unfriendly digital environment into a clean, efficient experience to aid both visually impaired and sighted individuals. It learns as it works, finding ways to reduce lengthy processes and minimizing the stress and trauma felt by the visually impaired.

What is accessWidget

In the simplest terms, it’s a tool that simplifies the way in which websites and digital activities are experienced by users.

How Does accessWidget Work?

The tool works by making it easy for a website to be upgraded or converted to provide ease of access to a user. It does this via AI, which inspects and evaluates the site, providing information on how to make changes to upgrade to a more accessible version or alternatively, implementing measures to make it simpler for a user to navigate the site.

With a variety of benefits to the visually impaired members of our communities, accessiBe is negating the challenges typically experienced by those with visual impairment, allowing both personal and professional environments to benefit and open up their accessibility to blind members of society.


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