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Ace Frehley Net Worth

Ace Frehley net worth is a famous American rock musician. He has a total amount of money called a net worth, which is $1 million. Ace Frehley, also known as “The Spaceman,” is widely recognized for being the main guitarist and one of the founding members of the rock band Kiss. He was in a band from 1973 to 1982, then he started his own successful music career. However, Ace did come back to Kiss a few times for reunion tours.

Ace Frehley has not made as much money as his fellow members of Kiss, but that’s because he has had a lot of money problems during his career. His financial problems are likely caused by problems with drugs and alcohol, legal battles, and even some struggles with bankruptcy.

But even though he has faced difficulties, Frehley still has many fans who support him and he has had some success as a solo musician. He is still thought of as one of the best rock guitar players ever, and his impact on the music industry is extremely significant.

Ace frehley Early life

Ace Frehley net worth is the stage name of a person named Paul Daniel Frehley. He was born on April 27, 1951, in The Bronx, New York. Frehley joined the rock band Kiss in 1973 and was one of the original members of the band. He wrote and recorded some of the most famous songs by the band Kiss, like “Shock Me”, “Cold Gin”, and “New York Groove”. Frehley quit Kiss in 1982 but came back to the band in 1996 for a special tour together. In 2002, Frehley put out his very first album by himself, called “Anomaly”. Many people liked it and it sold well. Since then, he has put out many albums by himself and still travels and performs with Kiss.

Ace Frehley Career

Ace Frehley net worth has said that joining Kiss may have saved him because he was going through a tough time before he joined the band. Despite all that has been mentioned, Kiss was not the first band he joined when he was young. He also played music in other groups called The Four Roses, Honey, and The Magic People. He was very successful with a band called Cathedral, and this made him leave high school. Even though he came back and finished school, Ace made money by doing different kinds of jobs like delivering mail, furniture, and alcohol in the meantime.

In the early 70s, a very important moment happened when Ace tried out for the band that later became Kiss. Even though people didn’t like how he looked, everyone agreed that he was really good at playing the guitar. Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, and Paul Stanley all wanted him to join them. In 1973, the band officially became Kiss, and Frehley became the main guitar player. Ace used his artistic abilities to create the band’s lightning-bolt logo.

The group chose to create pretend characters for their performances, including wearing makeup and costumes. Ace chose to call himself “The Spaceman” because he really likes science fiction. Even though Kiss had potential, Ace did not earn enough money to cover the expenses. As a result, he ended up working as a taxi driver part-time. At the end of the year, the members of Kiss were given $50 per week by their manager, so Frehley could stop working.

In 1974, the band Kiss released their first album called “Kiss. ” Frehley created two songs for the album, and one of them is titled “Cold Gin”. ” During this time, Frehley was unsure about his ability to sing, so Gene Simmons ended up doing most of the singing parts. This lasted until 1977 when he performed “Shock Me” for the album called “Love Gun. ” However, Frehley also wrote many songs for the band, even if he didn’t sing the lyrics himself.

In 1978, every person in the band Kiss came out with their own self-titled solo album. Ace’s was the favorite and had the highest number of sales. His song called “New York Groove” made it into the Top 20 music charts in the United States. After becoming more sure of his ability to write songs, Frehley started to contribute more to the creative side of Kiss in the following years. He wrote many songs for the albums “Dynasty” and “Unmasked. “

But, problems among the members of the band were increasing. Peter Criss, whom Ace felt more connected to than the other “straight edge” members of Kiss, was removed from the band in 1980. This means that Ace was in the smaller group when votes were taken. Over the next few years, Ace started to distance himself more and more from the band’s music. It began with him saying no to the band’s suggestion of creating a concept album called “Music From ‘The Elder'”. By 1982, Frehley had completely quit the band.

After Ace Frehley net worth left the band Kiss, he still got a quarter of the ownership in the Kiss partnership. This went on until 1985, and he was able to receive 25% of the money made from the albums “Lick It Up” and “Animalize” even though he didn’t contribute anything to making them. After that, he created a band called “Frehley’s Comet. They reached a deal with Megaforce Records and released an album with the same title in 1987.The album did well on the charts and almost 500,000 copies were sold.

Despite receiving good reviews, the band did not become popular in the mainstream rock world. Ace began making albums using his own name, like “Trouble Walkin’. “He returned to Kiss in 1996 for a reunion tour and only had a small part in their new album, ‘Psycho Circus’. ” Ace then went on two more tours with Kiss, once in 2001 and again in 2018.

Ace Frehley Personal Life

Ace Frehley net worth was in a marriage with Jeanette Trerotola. He hasn’t told us a lot about his personal life and relationships. He said, “I am still officially married to my first wife, and she has been unwell. ” He has a daughter and her name is Monique Frehley.

Ace Frehley Achievement and awards

Many people think Ace Frehley is one of the best guitarists in the history of rock music. In 2015, he was considered the 14th-best guitarist on Guitar World’s list of the greatest guitar players ever. He joined KISS in 2014 and got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has sold many albums and is seen as a leader in the “guitar hero” trend in rock music.

Ace Frehley has been recognized with many awards and nominations in his career. One of his notable accomplishments is being nominated for a Grammy for his contributions to KISS’ album “Alive II” in 1978. He was given the title of “Best Guitarist” by Guitar Player magazine in 1977. He also won the magazine’s award for “Best Rock Guitarist” in 1978, 1979, and 1980, as voted by the readers. In 2006, he won an award for writing songs for the band KISS.

Ace Frehley: Age and Height

Ace Frehley is now 69 years old. He is 1.78 meters tall, which is equal to 5.10 feet or 5 feet and 10 inches.

Ace Frehley Real Estate

In February 2013, a bank in Yorktown, NY took ownership of Ace’s house because he didn’t pay $735,000 for the mortgage. He also forgot to pay property taxes on the 3-acre home for two years. He supposedly had to pay money for being late on payments and other expenses.


In conclusion, Ace Frehley net worth shows how much money he has earned and how successful he has been financially. However, he also thinks back on his incredible journey as a musician, businessperson, and someone who helps others through donations. Frehley is considered a rock legend because of all he has achieved. He started with KISS and went on to have a successful solo career and other projects.

Furthermore, his influence on the music industry, efforts to help others, and a long-lasting group of fans continue to add to his lasting importance. Ace Frehley is really good at playing music and making people like him. He has made a lot of money because of his talent and people really .

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