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Advances for men and women recorded on February 16

Time of anticipations for the protagonists of the Throne Over from Men and women and the path of the new tronists Massimiliano, Giacomo and Samantha! Let’s find out what happened in the episode recorded on February 16 and which we will see on the air in two weeks …

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Men and women: Gemma advances

The anticipations of the throne over from Men and women as always they begin with the acquaintances of Gemma Galgani. Let’s find out what happened in the last episode recorded with the previews of the News alley:

Before letting Gemma in, they show her confessional where she complains about Maurizio’s behavior and obviously about Tina.

Then Gemma enters on the notes of “Sincerity” chosen by Tina. Even today we discuss about Maurizio’s risque photos. In the end Gianni Sperti after a lot of talking he puts an end to the discussion pointing out that it is useless to go on since they had already decided not to date anymore.

So the two sit down and leave the study center free for someone else. During the discussion, Tina went to directing and once she had the Turinese’s microphone shut down and then she even had her put on a vocal distortion so that she looked like a duck talking.

Men and women: Riccardo and Roberta

Despite having closed, in the advances of Men and women, we come back to talk about Riccardo and Roberta. Here’s what the News alley:

Riccardo and Antonella arrive at the study center. The two had dinner together and they had a good time, he also went out to have breakfast with Elisabetta but he only mentioned the story

Obviously we also begin to discuss the story with Roberta that she wanted to interrupt last time. He texted her on Valentine’s Day to tell her he missed her. Today she says that she did not really want to interrupt, only that there are some shortcomings that they cannot overcome that distress her like the fact that she does not feel wanted by him.

He gets very angry behind this phrase of hers because in reality it is he who does not feel physically desired, in the end it turns out that there has been a misunderstanding because she does not refer to intimacy. It ends up that they decide to meet tonight to clarify …

The new tronista Samantha against Armando! Brawl with Riccardo …

While recording Men and women of February 16, the new tronista curvy Samantha had a discussion with Armando Incarnato. The Neapolitan also risks a fight with Riccardo, here’s what the previews reveal:

(…) Federica arrives, a girl who wants to meet Armando, a whole discussion takes place between him, Gianni and Samanta the tronista who, when asked by the host to give an opinion on the hairdresser, makes him angry by expressing a non-positive opinion.

Armando gives her rude, Gianni defends the tronista, a discussion starts in which everyone speaks above everyone, even Armando and Riccardo even get to argue because the Neapolitan does not appreciate the appreciations that the Apulian makes to the girl, noticed by Maria De Filippi who at that point it makes him an active part in the discussion.

Eventually she gets up and leaves the studio making a joke that turned out to be very bad for her, in which she encourages her to stay for Riccardo so maybe he can catch up in bed (that’s the sense). Riccardo gets so angry that he too wants to leave the studio but Maria holds him back, thus avoiding who knows what brawl behind the scenes. After a while, however, Riccardo comes out anyway.

New tronista previews: Massimiliano and Giacomo

The two tronists of Men and women, continue to know the new suitors, this is what the advances on the latest outsiders reveal Maximilian And Giacomo:

Giacomo dated Martina And Carolina, two totally different girls: one looks like a hurricane and the other world at peace. He likes both of them very much. Finally he decides to eliminate Luisa.

Massimiliano went out for the second time with Vanessa, whose first exterior was not liked by Gianni who had considered it empty and before content. This time the exit is nice and has the approval of Gianni. She says she had a story from the age of 16 and this story turned out to be toxic so much that she ended up in the hospital, Maria explains that it was decided to cut the story because it didn’t seem the case.

Between the tronista and her there have been exchanges of mileage messages during the week. He also dated Sofia which brought him to know his neighborhood and he appreciated it

Men and women: Samantha advances

In addition to having a fight with Armanto, Samantha also has an argument with two of her suitors who eliminate themselves! During the recording, moreover, the first exteriors of the tronista are seen, this is what the previews of Men and women:

Turning to the classical throne, Francis he wants to eliminate himself but ends up arguing with Samanta, because at the beginning he exposes his reasons with education but then a discussion starts that makes everyone raise the tone a lot.

Samanta brought in outside Ugo And Michael and the latter eventually eliminates himself because the tronista criticizes him for having been heavy on the outside, having only spoken to him and not light topics such as the death of his father, starting point of conversation that in her opinion he would have faced with anyone who was found front. She finds him a sensitive boy but he has put her too much in trouble.

With Ugo instead they were a local, he is a barman, and she was happy as a simple external, as she would do outside the program, even if she thinks that he has really “a face of a paraculo”. During the recording there were some guys who exchanged various messages with her.

Men and Women, previews: Sabina, Giancarlo and Alessandra, Roberto and Patrizia

As for the other protagonists of the Throne Over from Men and women, here are their previews:

Giancarlo and Alessandra they have clarified and given themselves the exclusivity, since now the Municipalities have also reopened and can easily meet each other. He gives her the red rose to symbolize exclusivity.

Roberto and Patrizia they argue because out of spite they had exchanged the phone respectively with Alessandra and Giancarlo and he has hidden it from him, so now he doesn’t trust him anymore. She wants to close but he says he will do anything to win her back.

Sabina began an acquaintance with Nicola and they are enjoying themselves. Gianni accuses her of having forgotten too suddenly Claudio so for him it was either fake before and they agreed to fool everyone and stay longer on the show or it’s fake now. Maria del parterre also intervenes on this discussion taking Sabina’s side and Tina also shows solidarity with the woman.

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