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Advances Mr Wrong – Lessons of Love: May 31 – June 3

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Advances Mr Wrong - Lessons of Love: May 31 - June 3

Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love: Advances on May 31, June 1 and June 2 on channel 5, with the summary corresponding to the first Turkish episode (total 14 episodes) of Mr Wrong! Ezgi and Ozgur struggling with their first skirmishes: Can Yaman as Mr Wrong is the classic rascal who loves to be free and rejects commitments. Egzi (played by Ozge Gurel) instead she is romantic and… unlucky in love!

Mr Wrong May 31 – Anticipations and Summary

Ezgi is preparing a surprise for her boyfriend’s birthday. After gathering friends and decorating the house, the girl waits for him behind the door. However, the bitter surprise arrives, her boyfriend enters embracing another woman! The scene restarts three months after this event: Ezgi is with her friends and together they are retracing Ezgi’s wrong acquaintances in recent months. Here the protagonist promises that she will never hang out with the wrong men again! Then the character of Ozgur is introduced: owner of a restaurant, seen on his way to work he has a good night and returns home with a girl he met at the club. Very funny scene here, with him not even remembering the exact name of the girl and going out of his way to kick her out of the house while she wanted to stay with him all day!
Meanwhile Ezgi she receives a call from her mother who tries to encourage her to find someone suitable for her to get married and have children!
Ozgur also receives a call from his mother who complains that he has never met his son’s girlfriend and asks him when she will become a grandmother for. continue the family surname otherwise he would die having Ozgur a younger sister.

Egzi and Ozgur meet for the first time

mr wrong the first meeting of egzi and ozgur

mr wrong the first meeting of egzi and ozgur

The first meeting between the protagonists takes place in the raina: both are walking on foot and stop the same taxi going up at the same time! A decidedly amusing curtain begins where the two tease each other and play on their respective man-woman roles.

Ezgi arrives at work where she discovers that the promotion she wanted to coordinator is being awarded to another person and resigns from the wedding planning agency where he works.

Mr Wrong June 1st – Anticipations and Summary

As if Ezgi weren’t enough she gets a call from her ex who tells her he wants the apartment back where the girl lives and who had the contract in her name. Ezgi gets upset and while talking on the phone she gets distracted and is hit by a car driven by the doctor of the city hospital, a handsome boy.
Meanwhile, Ozgur is being interviewed by a reporter about his career in the restaurant business. As always, the guy flirts with women he meets using his charms.

The first kiss

mr wrong Ozgur and Egzi's first kiss

mr wrong Ozgur and Egzi’s first kiss

In the evening Ezgi goes to dinner in restaurant di Ozgur, without knowing clearly that it is his. Here he sees his ex asking his new girlfriend to marry him! Ezgi would like to make a scene but just sits down at the bar. Here is Ozgur and the two talk until the club closes. Ezgi is drunk and talks about her ex until she falls asleep. At this point Ozgur takes her heavily to sleep but ergi begins to cry and complain about how difficult love is and how unhappy it is. He reassures her by saying you are not really my type but you are special to the point of making her smile. She takes as a reaction and kisses him to fall asleep on him a few seconds later. The next morning Ezgi wakes up and remembers what happened the night before and curses himself for kissing him. TO this tip runs away from his house who doesn’t find her when he comes back from the shower.

As Ezgi curses herself for spending the night with a guy whose name she doesn’t even know, she remembers getting drunk in Ozgur’s shower the night before. he sang and wet him. In the meantime, Ozgur goes to his club and tells about the absurd night at his best friend and chef of his restaurant (Ozan played by Serkay Tutuncu). Ozgur remembers how Egzi tried to jump off the balcony and how she is absolutely a mess. Meanwhile Egzi tells the evening to her cousin and friend Cansu. She invites her to a party where the handsome doctor Serdar from the hospital who hit her and then treated her the day before will also be present. In the next scene, Ezgi leaves his ex’s house and moves to his friend Cansu’s house. The doctor just happens to call her to find out if all is well and to fuel Ergi’s expectations of a possible interest in Serdar.
Meanwhile Ozgur flirts on the terrace with the journalist who interested him and they kiss and spend the night together. Ezgi, who just happens to live right next to Ozgur without knowing it, hears the couple’s noises all night. In the morning, Ozgur’s girlfriend surprises him with the reporter, and to escape and not be found, he passes by the balcony and enters Ergi’s apartment while she is getting out of the shower! After a curtain between the two, Ergi sends Ozgur’s girlfriend who was looking for him away, convincing her that she deserves better.

The Wrong Man

Mr Wrong The Wrong Man Can Yaman

Mr Wrong The Wrong Man Can Yaman

Meanwhile, the journalist disappointed to have discovered that he is a womanizer changes the title of the interview article from Mr. Perfect to Mr. Wrong out of spite! In the evening Ergi and Ozgur find themselves on the terrace of the condominium and finally introduce themselves in an official way.

Mr Wrong June 2nd and 3rd – Anticipations and Summary

Meanwhile, her friends warn her of Ozgur saying he’s another wrong man and advising her not to think about it but to focus on the doctor. The day after Ozgur sees the newspaper with the headline “Bay Yanlis”, or Mr Wrong which translated means Mr Wrong! The next scene shows Ozgur’s mother despairing over the headline in the newspaper dedicated to her son and devises a plan: to instruct her sister to find a wife for her brother by inviting all the women in town to his upcoming wedding!
The sister warns Ozgur about the plan, he talks about it with his friend the chef who advises him to find a girl to take as a pretend to the wedding.
In the meantime too Egzi receives a call from her mother who tells her she heard from her friend that she found a right man for her clearly referring to the doctor.
In the scene after Ergi fishes a book on how to find a right man, Ozgur sees her and begins a curtain between the two where they tease about the contents of the book and how he is a perfect man or the opposite of Ozgur! Egzi talks to him about the doctor and they continue to tease each other. Ozgur explains the rules to find the right man! Ezgi goes to the party and meets the doctor, exaggerating his qualities to impress. She asks him out and he pulls away saying he has other commitments. Meanwhile, Ozgur searches for a fake girlfriend for his sister’s wedding, but fails. Back home she meets Ezgi disappointed by the party, and the two make an agreement: Egzi will be his fake girlfriend for a day and he will share with her the rules to find the right man!

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