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Against K: assets & income of the rapper

How much money does Kontra K have?

Kontra K, bourgeois Maximilian Diehn, was born on July 3, 1987 in Berlin, although he did not grow up under good conditions. He broke off his school career and devoted himself completely to rap from the age of 16. His role models were Biggie, Nas and 2Pac. Kontra K has two sons and a daughter. He loves his family more than anything and is also committed to animal welfare. In fact, he saved a baby tiger he named Elsa. The cherished Kontra K’s assets amount to 5 million euros.

The biography of Kontra K

Income from Contra K

The rapper founded a rap duo with KiezSpezial in 2006. During this time, the rapper became Kaisa (formerly: Kaisaschntt) noticed the duo and signed them to the music label Hell Raisa. After a short time, however, the label collapsed and Kontra K founded Fatal and Skinny AI with his colleagues own label called DePeka.

As a result, he also got to know the producer Big Flexx from Germany, with whom he still works today. His career continued to grow and many labels repeatedly showed Kontra K. At FourMusic, however, Kontra K agreed in 2014 and so he created another chance to take his career to a new level.

The so-called Wolves EP has already shown itself to be a great success, its sales figures by the following LP From the shadows to the light were topped again. With this he even reached number 2 in the German album charts and even achieved gold status.

How rich did rapper Kontra K get from music?

Kontra K appeared in the German charts for the first time with the album 12 rounds, which ended up at number 8. His next album in 2015 was called From the shadows into the light As already mentioned, reached second place with over 100,000 records sold. His next albums labyrinth, Good night, Earth & bones and They wanted water but got gasoline all ended up at number 1 on the German album charts. Three of them also achieve gold status. Come together here, for example 470,000 albums sold, there are also numerous sales through EPs and singles, the mainstay of which is music streaming.

Revenue from shows

Merit of Kontra K
The rapper’s shows are in demand. In 2018 it reached 70,000 concert-goers in just seven concerts. That was an enormous achievement, which Kollegah also recognized. In December 2018, Kontra K said in an Instagram story that he had sold over 3,000 tickets for two large cities within an hour. So he reached one Turnover of 138,000 euros (Average price: 46 euros).

It is therefore hardly surprising that he is in his track More than a job rapped the following passage: “The only priority I can see on my account / the children of my children are doing well“.

Income from streaming music

This is also the case with Kontra K. Business is extremely lucrative through streaming music. In Germany, the platforms Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer are the most popular. However, only Spotify publishes the statistics, from which a lot can be gleaned.

Kontra K has 2.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. A user is considered a monthly listener if he has played at least one track for at least 30 seconds. It is not clear how many users are streaming multiple tracks from here. A musician receives around 0.006 to 0.084 cents, depending on the source. With one million streams, that works out to $ 6,000 to $ 8,400. Thus, Kontra K per month would be estimated from Spotify alone at least 11,000 to 16,000 euros per month take in.

The most popular tracks by Kontra K on Spotify are as follows:

  • Last tear: around 174,000 euros with 29 million streams
  • Lead: around 204,000 euros with 34 million streams
  • Warning: around 192,000 euros with 32 million streams
  • Everything she wants: around 72,000 euros with 12 million streams
  • Colors: around 168,000 euros with 28 million streams

Income from YouTube

Assets of Kontra K
YouTube is an indicator of how successful a rapper is. Before that, there was a similar factor on television, such as MTV and VIVA. These have now been completely replaced by YouTube. The streaming platform YouTube is also a new source of income – both from YouTube Music and the advertisements that can be found in each video. the The channel operator receives 55 percent of sales from this.

According to Socialblade, the channel has an average of 11 million views a month and a turnover of up to 40,000 euros per month. At best, the rapper earns 480,000 euros a year from YouTube advertisements. This is based on an estimated cost-per-mille (CPM) of $ 4 / 1,000 clicks.

Income from your own fashion brand

With Loyal Clothing (Loyal Athletics) Kontra K has created its own fashion brand. The rapper is also registered as managing director at Loyal Distributions GmbH. The profit margin for clothes is quite considerable.

The resulting profit is difficult to estimate and there are no balance sheets in the Federal Gazette. However, it can be assumed that the Brand earns at least 30,000 euros in profit. The clothes sell well and popular items – such as the Loyal Black Tracksuit – are always sold out.

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Sven Volkens, [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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