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Who is Alessandro Graziani: Biography, Age, Giovanna and Serena Enardu

Alessandro Graziani is a volleyball player in the A3 series, where he holds the role of hitter. Alessandro Graziani is known to the general public for the closeness he has established with Serena Enardu at Temptation Island Vip 2019 and for being a suitor of Men and Women of Giovanna Abate. Once the acquaintance with Giovanna is over, he returns in the studio to meet new women but in the episode of May 20 Alessandro returns to court Giovanna after the tronista decides to follow him out of the studio, to convince him to stay.

Who is Alessandro Graziani?

  • First name: Alessandro Graziani
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Birth place: Genoa
  • Zodiac sign: fish tank
  • Date of birth: February 2, 1991
  • Profession: Volleyball Player
  • Height: 193 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: an anchor on the left side with the inscription “Everywhere“.
  • Instagram profile: @ grazianialessandro91
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Alessandro Graziani was born on February 2, 1991 in the city of Genoa. From an early age he became passionate about sport and already at the age of 14 he practiced volleyball. With the years and the commitment he becomes a professional volleyball player and arrives in Serie A3, where he still plays today. He is known to the general public for having participated as a single tempter in Temptation Island 2019, where it came very close to Serena Enardu.

Alessandro Graziani Instagram

Work and career

Alessandro Graziani is first of all a professional volleyball player who works in the A3 series. In 2005 he joined Olympia Genova Voltri and three years later he arrived in Serie B1 with the Igo Genova Volley team, while the following year he was in B2 with Plastipol Ovada. He changed a lot of teams and eventually reached Serie A2 with Siena. He currently plays as a spiker in the Sabaudia team of the A3 series. In 2019 he decides to participate in Temptation Island Vip 2019, where he meets Serena Enardu, whom he gets very close to during the adventure.

Serena Enardu

Alessandro Graziani was a single tempter of the latest vip edition of the reality show Temptation Island where couples test their love for about three weeks in a Sardinian resort. Here Alessandro Graziani immediately found a great feeling with Serena Enardu, the beautiful Sardinian ex tronista entered the reality show with her boyfriend I pay.

The tempter Alessandro Graziani and Serena Enardu have approached during the weeks, so much so as to arouse great jealousy on the part of the Sardinian’s boyfriend, the happy singer who in the village suffered from seeing the woman’s behavior.

Subsequently Serena leaves Pago and approaches Alessandro but after what seems to be a short flirt Serena returns to Pago and does everything to win him back, succeeding. However, on May 20 Pago discovers that Serena and Alessandro, according to him, had a real love story even during the period when Serena wanted to go back with him. Here are the words of Pago entrusted to the magazine who: “… Dear Serena, I stopped calling you love inside me. It’s April 22nd. My heart no longer beats like it used to ”. Then he adds “You know that I was ready to get married … “, but what happens is almost unbelievable for the boy: “Something happens from which there is no turning back. You lock yourself in the bathroom but your cell phone stays out. I never would, I never did. I can not resist. I take my smartphone in hand and unlock it. What I read and what I hear doesn’t even hurt me, it’s just a m ** reality. that I have to accept “. Basically, Pago discovered that the relationship between Serena and Alessandro Graziani went on even when she tried to get back with him, and that it was not “once” but “several times”. This awareness destroyed him.
Serena replied on Instagram to Pago saying: “Guys, I expected everything this morning, but not to wake up with the interview of I pay on Who where he tells a bunch of nonsense. I’m sorry because I understand that in order to sell a book and read the article from start to finish, you have to do petty propaganda. All for the sale of a book “. According to Serena therefore the words of Pago are not true and are only suitable for advertising his upcoming book on June 16, 2020 by title Vagabond For Love “.

Alessandro Men and Women 2020

After participating in Temptation Island, Alessandro Graziani participates in Men and Women 2020 as a suitor. Here the tronista Giovanna Abate and Sara Shaimi had a discussion precisely because of the suitor: both were in fact interested in the volleyball player. Alessandro however declared himself for Giovanna Abate, and between the two a great feeling immediately started, even if according to the public Giovanna has established the same relationship she had before with Giulio Raselli. Giovanna Abate and Alessandro Graziani during the lockdown they cannot meet live due to the coronavirus emergency, but continue their knowledge in a virtual way.

In the broadcast on 11 May Alessandro decides to leave the program and of stop courting Giovanna. The girl in fact according to him did not show him enough interest and furthermore Giovanna’s interest in other suitors such as Sammy is certainly greater than what he feels for her.

In the episode on May 13 Alessandro returns to the studio at Men and Women to meet other women which are part of the parterre of Men and Women Over. In the episode of May 15 Alessandro declines the offer of three ladies (Roberta, Melanie and Sandra) of the female parterre to get to know each other better. The latter justified himself by saying that his head is busy with other thoughts and would not be able to devote himself to anything else. On this occasion Giovanna said she was sorry for how things went between her and the suitor. After a brief clarification between the two and leaving Alessandro’s studio, Giovanna decides to follow him to convince him to stay and court her. In the episode of May 20, Alessandro returns to the studio to woo Giovanna, provoking the ire of the other suitor Sammy Hassan.

The triangle Alessandro, Serena and Pago

In the June 4 episode of Men and Women Alessandro Graziani was called by Maria De Filippi to clarify the rumors raised by the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia on the matter concerning the separation of Pago from Serena Enardu. In fact it is Gabriele during the episode who asks Alessandro if the relationship with Serena was there or not! From Alessandro’s statements, we know that the relationship with Serena was not just a gossip but it materialized in four months of relationship between the two, but Alessandro declares that it was prior to his participation in the broadcast.


  • In 2017 she posed for a photo shoot in the city of Siena
  • It is linked to its land and its roots
  • On the pitch he plays with the number 10 shirt
  • He also practices Beach Volleyball during the summer
  • He has a very trained physique

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