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Alexander Zverev: Assets and ATP prize money

How much does Alexander Zverev earn as a tennis professional?

Alexander “Sasha” Zverev is the current number one tennis player in Germany. In the ATP world rankings he has been in the top positions for years, although he has not yet won a Grand Slam title. With many smaller tournament victories (250 and 500), the 5 Masters victories (1000) and the ATP final victory in 2018 and 2021, Alexander Zverev was already able to win Prize money of $ 29.73 million to win. In 2021 he also won the gold medal for Germany at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Alexander Zverev prize money
In addition to the tennis prize money already won, there is also lucrative sponsorship money from his equipment suppliers Adidas and Head, as well as deals with Richard Mille and Peugeot. In addition, Sascha collects high entry fees for participating in smaller tennis tournaments. Of course, all the money won also has to be paid for by the manager, the coaching team and, above all, taxes. That’s how we appreciate it Alexander Zverev’s fortune at around 18 million euros. Although he does not yet come close to tennis greats like Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic, Alexander still has a long career ahead of him at his young age.

The career of Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev comes from a tennis family. His father, who also bears the name Alexander, and his mother Irina played for the former Soviet Union. Elder brother Mischa Zverev, also a professional tennis player, was born in Moscow in 1987. In 1991 the family moved to Hamburg, where Alexander was born on April 20, 1997. The tennis racket was put in his cradle and he was trained by his father from an early age.

Professional career and ATP prize money

Alexander Zverev's earnings and earnings
In 2013, at the age of only 16, Zverev sniffed the first ATP Tour air thanks to a wildcard in Hamburg. A year later (2014) he won his first Challenger tournament in Braunschweig. With another wildcard in the Hamburg ATP tournament, he was completely surprisingly able to move into the semi-finals in 2014, where he was defeated by David Ferrer. In 2015, the second Challenger tournament victory followed in Heilbronn and Zverev moved into the top 100 of the tennis world rankings for the first time.

On September 25, 2016, the German won his first ATP tournament (250cc) in St. Petersburg. He prevailed against Stan Wawrinka in the final and earned $ 163,485 in prize money.

First tennis masters victories

2017 was the Zverev year. In February he won the 250 tournament in Montpellier in singles and doubles with his brother Mischa. (Prize money: 85,945 euros + 26,110 euros). In May followed the victory in the 250cc in Munich (again prize money: 85,945 euros) and a week later the unbelievable Masters victory in Rome, where there was prize money of 820,035 euros. In August 2017, Alexander Zverev won the 500 tournament in Washington (prize money: 355,460 US dollars) and again the next week in Montreal (prize money: 894,585 US dollars).

Alexander Zverev net worth
The winning season 2018 started with the title defense in Munich (prize money 89,435 euros) and a week later with the Masters victory in Madrid (prize money: 1,190,490 euros). He was also able to defend the tournament victory in Washington (prize money: 384,120 US dollars). The career highlight so far has been victory in the ATP Finals 2018, where Sascha received $ 1,785,000 in prize money was allowed to take home. After Boris Becker and Michael Sticht, he is the third German to be adorned with the tennis world champion title.

In the year 2019 Zverev’s performance was not as good as in recent years. The legal dispute with his long-time manager Patricio Apey is said to have played a major role here as well. Shortly before the French Open, Sascha won the 250 tournament in Geneva (prize money: 90,390 euros). Otherwise there was no further tournament victory to be booked.

Arrived in the world elite

The year 2020 started for Zverev with the move into the semifinals of the Australian Open, but he could not prevail against a too strong Dominic Thiem. Of the 627,507 euros in prize money, he donated 30,000 euros to the victims of the forest fires in Australia. At the US Open he failed again against Thiem, but this time in the grand finale. (Consolation Prize Money: $ 1.5 million). In October Sascha then won the “Double from the Cathedral” with the 2 ATP 250 tournaments in Cologne (prize money: 24,800 euros & 13,320 euros). At the beginning of November he made it into the Rolex Masters Paris final and lost to Daniil Medvedev (consolation prize money: 150,000 euros).

2021 started rather behavior. It should take until March 20th until Sascha could win the first tournament in Acapulco / Mexico. (Prize money: $ 74,769). He really got off to a flying start in the Masters in Madrid in May and surprisingly won it (prize money: 315,160 euros). He also won the gold medal for Germany at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in August. The Federal Republic of Germany has awarded EUR 20,000 in prize money for this. Sascha also won the Masters in Cincinnati in August (prize money: 654,815 US dollars). At the end of October he was also able to win the ATP500 in Vienna (prize money: 220,550 euros). In November he was able to win the big ATP Finals title for the second time in his career and can call himself tennis world champion again. (Prize money: $ 2,143,000)

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