Alicia McCarvell Net Worth – How Much Is Alicia McCarvell Worth?

If you’re wondering how much Alicia McCarvell is worth, you’re not alone. Many other women share the same desire to be beautiful and feel confident, which is how she came up with her first viral video. While the ensuing video was an instant hit, it also garnered her a huge following. McCarvell net worth is a reflection of her success in the media, as well as her love of humor and body positivity.

While her career began through TikTok videos, Alicia has quickly become one of the most popular social media stars in Canada. She is an influencer on Instagram and is also known for her body positivity videos. Her popularity has grown to the point where she has a million followers on her social media accounts. She also makes a healthy amount of money by modeling for various brands and promoting their products on her Instagram. Her net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million.

Mccarvell is young and fit, weighing in at 64 kilograms. Her long, thick, luxurious hair is a signature feature, a look she’s worked hard to earn. She’s married to fellow social media influencer Scott Mccarvell and hopes to inspire the next generation of female influencers through her blog and social media. The couple have three children together. Their net worth has been reported to grow by the year.