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All Together Now 2020: Winner, Block, Competitors, Jurors and Bids

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All Together Now 2020: Winner, Block, Competitors, Jurors and Bids

All Together Now aired from 4 November on Canale 5 is a talent show hosted by Michelle Hunziker that confronts 12 singing contestants judged by a wall of 100 people and the special judges Francesco Renga, J-Ax, Rita Pavone and Anna Tatangelo. In the wall of the 100 also present the Donatella: the twins Giulia Provvedi and Silvia Provvedi. The prize for the winner is 50 thousand euros. The result of the wall judgment can be changed by the jury members.

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The winner of All Together now 2020 is Eki: the 33 year old from Jakarta who was playing in front of the Milan Cathedral burst into tears and knelt in emotion at the news of the victory.


  • Beatrice Baldaccini: 29 years old, Lucca Beatrice has lived with her partner for 5 years and has lived in Milan for 10 years. His job is that of the Musical Performer, as well as that of his partner. His dream is to win to be able to take home and to bring his mother to realize his dream: to go to Machu Pichu. Beatrice and her mother have lived badly together and therefore the family is very close. Beatrice tries and declares she is ready. Beatrice is very good at holding the stage, the result of her career as a Musical Performer that combines dance and singing.
  • Kam “Eki” Cahayadi: 33 years old, Jakarta – He is the sixth of 4 sisters and a brother, when he was a child he and his family were always together, but when his mother died his father got depressed and everything changed. The sister is the one who supported everyone by going to work early. Eki found her calling by going to sing. He lives in Milan and sings in front of the Duomo, currently and is married to an Italian woman he met in Indonesia.
  • Dalila Cavalera: 23 years old, Nardò He started out as part of a Gospel group, and came out right during the All Together Now video presentation. He said that music has always been his refuge as well as playing the piano. It is his first time in front of such a large audience.
  • Claudia Ciccateri : 18 years old, Priverno The girl has just finished high school, she is passionate about the world of social media where she publishes her covers (that of Achille Lauro has made 1 ML of views). She let her parents accompany her to the auditions, who have always supported her. Being exposed on social media has helped her to acquire confidence and indifference towards the criticisms that often rain down on influencers. Claudia is an example of Body Positivity. Already from her first performance Claudia showed a crazy voice. However Claudia was deleted on the third episode and had to leave the program.
  • Luigi Ernani Frezza: 23 years old, Naples. Luigi works as an entertainer for children’s parties: he is a boy full of life and despite not expecting it, he has met his muse. The boy is very much in love and does not hide it. The Neapolitan singer was though deleted from the program already in the early evening.
  • Silvia Rita Iannone: 21 years old, Corato Silvia Rita in her life studies Languages ​​at the University and Sings. These are his two passions. Silvia will discuss her degree thesis between one episode and another of the program. When he comes home he loves to play piano and this is his way of breathing. Silvia Rita during her performance sings “El Talisman” and demonstrates an almost perfect Spanish pronunciation. Silvia Rita comes deleted to the first episode.
  • Domenico Iervolino: 23 years old, in life Ottaviano Domenico is a student, in the first year of engineering. He has already taken Analysis 1 and 2, and is therefore called a scholar. The boy says that the program represents an important step for him and a way to get involved since music is sacrifice. Domenico gets involved and promises to put all his energy into it.
  • Antonio Marino: 38 years old, Naples – a year and a half ago he thought he could no longer sing: from an ultrasound to the thyroid they discover that he has a third stage carcinoma. Upon awakening he spoke normally but could not sing. After a first moment of strong shock, the boy Antonio slowly manages to return to singing. At 38 this is his last chance.
  • Giorgia Rizza : 19 years old, Limbiate She finished high school this year: Limbiate is close to her despite being very attached to her family and in particular to her brother. Giorgia Rizza says she is afraid of COVID since her father was in intensive care. Her dream is to become a singer and declares that she is willing to get involved in order to make her dream come true. Unfortunately Giorgia was deleted from the program in the second episode.
  • Alessio Selvaggio : 25 years old, Palermo He defines himself as “Wild” from all points of view: he has many Maori tattoos, and his mother was initially against it. From 18 to 20 he was a real estate agent, but now he has given up to devote himself completely to music.
  • Savio Vurchio : 52 years old, Andria Savio feels 25 years old, the others consider them to be experienced. He reports that he has lost 37 pounds and is truly reborn and has a beautiful young wife. The woman named Sonia is originally from the Dominican Republic and already had two children who Savio considers her own in all respects. Savio had a job offer in Kazakhstan then received the call for All Together now but decided to abandon the job offer and follow his heart to participate in this musical talent.
  • “The lovable ones” -Frantini Elena: 35 years old, Varese; Massimiliano runs: 39 years old, San Bonifacio The two met on social media, on January 21, 2015 they met and after a few years they met and married. Massimiliano fell at the age of only 17 from a very tall building and despite having to remain paralyzed he was able to walk again. A few years after a few years due to osteomyelitis he had to amputate a leg. Despite this, with the prosthesis, Massimiliano manages to lead a normal life. The couple is very much in love. However in the fourth episode the duo was deleted and had to leave the program.


All Togheter now airs from 4 November and will air for 5 episodes every Wednesday on Canale 5. The final episode will air on 12 December 2020.

The wall

Among the wall of the 100 jurors we find: Silvia Mezzanotte, Mietta, Simona Bencini, Fernando Proce, Cizco, Alma Manera, Ronnie Jones, Marco Ligabue, Alessia Fabiani, Melita Toniolo, Palla e Bariatta, Giancarlo Genise, Surri, Nathalie, Space One, Antonella Lo Coco, Mariana Rodriguez, Serena Menarini, Mirian Della Guardia, Leonardo Monteiro, Veronica Rega, Davide Papasidero, Valentina Parisse, Samantha Fantuzzi, Luca Valenti, Marcella Ovani, Le Karma B, Morena Marangi, Chiara Canzian, Andrea Cardillo, Elisa Sheffler , Giorgio Vanni, Senhit, Chantal Sisto, Lucya, Sonia Addario, Akira Manera, Maria Teresa Amato, Bido Bé, Barbara Bonanni, Eleonora Bruno, Luca Buttiglieri, Alessandra Buzzi, Brigida Cacciatore, Susanna Caira.

In the first edition they sat among the members of the wall: Ariadna Romero, Youma Diakite, Gabriele Cirilli, Nek, Al Bano, Iva Zanicchi, Giovanni Vernia, Paolo Jannacci, Fabio Rovazzi.

In the second edition they were part of the wall: Anna Tatangelo (who went from wall to juror), Rag, Umberto Tozzi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Benji and Fede.

The Jurors

The jurors of the 2020 All Together Now program are: Rita Pavone, Francesco Renga, Anna Tatangelo

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