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Andrea Iannone | Who is it | Girlfriend | Doping | Lucrezia Lando

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Andrea Iannone |  Who is it |  Girlfriend |  Doping |  Lucrezia Lando

Andrea Iannone it’s a Moto GP rider, born in 1989 in Vasto, former boyfriend of Belén Rodriguez. Has been at the center of a doping case for which he has always pleaded innocent e which prevents Andrea Iannone from returning to racing with motorcycles. Since October 2021 it is a competitor of Dancing with the Stars, where he dances paired with Lucrezia Lando.

Who is Andrea Iannone?

  • First name: Andrea Iannone
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Birth place: Vast
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1989
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Profession: Moto GP rider for the Ducati Racing Team
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Tattoos: Andrea is a lover of tattoos and has several scattered all over his body. In particular, on the shoulder stands the number 29 which is the number of his bike; near the neck is the word “disappeared“; on the elbow of the concentric circles. The most interesting tattoo however is the tattooed name Belèn and the words “I’ll never give up”. Andrea also has Egyptian symbols scattered around the body.
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Biography of Andrea Iannone

Andrea Iannone was born into a close-knit family in the province of Pescara, in Vasto. The father, Gift Iannone, has always closely followed his son’s career and left his job as a merchant to be able to devote himself completely to Andrea. His mother too, Katia Napolitano, she always encouraged her son to pursue his dream. Andrea’s school career proceeds smoothly: he never fails but admits that he obtained his diploma as a mechanical expert in Pescara with poso enthusiasm and that studying has never been a real priority for him. However, he would not have tolerated parents receiving negative feedback from the professors about him and therefore he always stayed on sufficiency.

Passion for motorcycles instead he has accompanied him since he was a child: already in elementary school he owned a mini bike that he enjoyed taking apart and reassembling once he returned from school, while at the age of 15 he finally took part in the Italian Speed ​​Championship with an Aprilia bike received by the Abruzzo Junior Team. At the age of 16 he arrives in 125 and always rides with an Aprilia bike: from here he begins his career in the category championships up to the Moto GP.

Andrea Iannone is also famous for having had an eventful love life: he accompanied himself with several showbiz women including, in addition to Belèn and Giulia De Lellis, also Giulia Salemi, the ex of Francesco Monte.

Dancing with the Stars 2021

Andrea Iannone is a competitor of Dancing with the Stars 2021 where he is paired with Lucrezia Lando. Andrea contends for the final victory with:

First episode: In the first episode of Dancing with the Stars, Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando are classified eleventh place of the provisional ranking. They don’t convince the home crowd that they don’t choose them as a couple to give the 10 bonus points.

During second, third and fourth episode, Lucrezia Lando and Andrea Iannone improve their affinity and their commitment by managing to stay in the race without risking the ballot.

Although Lucrezia Lando is engaged to Marco De Angelis, there are rumors of a flirtation between Andrea Iannone and his dance teacher. As almost every year, the public and the rumors talk about flirting when a couple is particularly close. Both, however, deny the rumors.

During the episode of November 27, Andrea and Lucrezia perform for seconds. The two they perform a well executed waltz, which is highly appreciated by the public but convinces the judges much less. Despite this, the couple is safe and very close, and also receives the prize for the special stage.

Lucrezia and Andrea are among the seven couples left in the race that in the episode of December 4th compete for enter the semifinal of the 2021 edition of Dancing with the Stars.

In the episode of December 4th, the couple formed by Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando ends up in the play-off against Alvise Rigo and Tove Villfor. The Iannone-Lando couple performed a rumba on the notes of The dance of uncertainties (Last), which did not convince the judges. In the play-off with Rigo-Villfor, Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando lose, ending up among the fish for the episode of 11 December.

Andrea Iannone Instagram

Andrea Iannone is very popular on Instagram, in fact, he has more than half a million followers. Andrea doesn’t like to flood her profile with posts and doesn’t use it every day, however she often uses stories.

Andrea Iannone Insta


Andrea Iannone he is a motorcycle rider: his career began at just 16 in Moto 125 with Aprilia when he competed in his first season and he will finish in twentieth place with 20 points. His best finish this season was 10th in the Turkish Grand Prix.

In 2010 he passes the category and climbs to Moto 2 where in 2012 he manages to finish second at the end of the championship. Finally in 2013 he began to compete in Moto GP riding the Ducati Desmosedici of the Pramac Racing team. Closes the first season in 12th place. The following year he remains in the same team and closes the season in tenth place.

In 2015 he passes to the Official Ducati Team and his teammate is Andrea Dovizioso. This year will see him protagonist with several podiums and exciting duels on the track: he will close the season in fifth place with 188 total points.

The following year, in 2017, he goes to Suzuki: here he will have two good but not exciting seasons, finishing the first championship in 14th place and the second in tenth place.

In 2019 the transition to Aprilia Racing Team Gresini to get on the Aprilia RS-GP bike. The season is characterized by a shoulder injury that forces him to miss the Spanish Grand Prix, the final result will be 43 points and a placement at sixteenth place in the final standings.

From October 2021 Andrea Iannone participates as a competitor in the Rai 1 talent show Dancing with the Stars.

Allegations of Doping and Sentence

At the beginning of 2020 Andrea Iannone he was accused of doping: some of his routine tests were positive for drostanolone however Andrea has always declared himself innocent: the boy in many years of career had never had problems of this type and was never interested in using substances doping. The sentence arrives in April 2020 and requires him to qualify for 18 months recognizing that Andrea did not consciously take the substance but it was inadvertently ingested through food. A sentence that if confirmed would make Andrea jump 2 seasons with the Moto Gp (it could return in June 2021 when 8 races will already be run also for the following season) and would also lead to the expiry of the contract.

The lawyers of Iannone appealed to the Lausanne court. On November 10 it was announced that the appeal presented by Iannone was rejected and the boy sentenced to 4 years away from the slopes for DOPING. TOndrea commented saying that it is “the worst day of his life” and to be suffering a real injustice. His lawyers spoke of the severe blow of the justice of the court of Lausanne to the whole world of Italian sport.


Andrea Iannone opens in May 2021 a restaurant in Lugano with the name Passion Cafe. The choice of location fell on Lugano because Andrea has been living there for a few years. The restaurant was opened with several partners: his brother Angelo and two other people.

Andrea Iannone Girlfriend

Fromsummer 2021 to Andrea Iannone a relationship with Gaia Maria Miracapillo, a fashion stylist far from the world of gossip, has been attributed.

In the summer of 2020 it was rumored that Andrea Iannone was dating the actress Cristina Buccino. The two were spotted together in a hotel in Milan and despite the confidentiality with which they both conducted their visits, some sector newspapers reported them together on several occasions. Subsequently on August 26 he was paparazzi from the week “Chi” in the company of Soleil Rises. The plot is particular: Andrew is very good friends with Jeremias Rodriguez, ex of Soleil. If there really was a relationship between Andrea and Soleil, could this represent a problem for the two friends? Remember that Jeremias is currently happily engaged and that for now the one between Andrea and Soleil is only an alleged relationship!

Previously Andrea was approached to Veronica Burchielli, ex of Alessandro Zarino (the two had met and engaged during his throne in Men and Women 2019 – 2020).

In early 2021 Andrea Iannone seems to have found love again: he was in fact spotted in the company of a girl named Natasha Tozzi, 32 years old, daughter of Umberto Tozzi. The relationship was not confirmed by either of the two protagonists. In April 2021 an alleged new flame is attributed to Andrea: it is the model Carmen Victoria Rodriguez Umbrella and friend of Francesca Sofia Novello girlfriend of Valentino Rossi.

Belén, the former historical girlfriend

Andrea and Belèn they were engaged from early 2016 to autumn 2017. One of Andrea Iannone’s most important loves was undoubtedly the Argentine showgirl Belèn Rodriguez. The girl was engaged to Andrea for about two years and the two seemed inseparable: parents’ birthday, holidays together etc. However, it was Belèn who put an end to their relationship, officially to devote herself to her career and her son with greater intensity: however, shortly thereafter the return of the flame with her ex-husband and love of all time Stefano de Martino.

Giulia De Lellis, a relationship of a few months for Andrea

Andrea Iannone and Giulia De Lellis they were together from June 2019 until January 2020. Their relationship was studded with photos together and romantic moments and above all declarations of love from both of them. However Giulia and Andrea broke up just before the lockdown.


  • the study has never particularly interested him, partly by nature, but above all because of his numerous sporting commitments;
  • he has a lot of tattoos, including 29 (number of his bike) and also some motivational phrases.

Video Andrea Iannone

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