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Andreas Bourani: The singer’s fortune

How rich is Andreas Bourani?

Andreas Bourani has apparently become a star out of nowhere in Germany. He owes this primarily to the 2014 World Cup. Because his song “Auf uns” has become the anthem of this major sporting event in Germany. But it was not just his music career that brought the Augsburg-born man into the millions. After all, he also appeared as a jury member on the successful TV format “The Voice of Germany”. His debut album already sold more than 100,000 times. In 2015 alone, the singer should have earned around three quarters of a million euros with his record sales. In addition to his job as a juror, his concerts are also another source of income for the artist. The cherished Andreas Bourani’s assets are EUR 3.5 million.

Andreas Bourani and The Voice of Germany

Andreas Bourani's income
Per season of the show “The Voice of Germany” is allowed from one five-figure fee for Andreas Bourani. At least for the last few years, it can be assumed that the singer could have grossed around half a million euros annually. After the 2014 World Cup, it was certainly a lot more. Because there was so much demand for the artist that he could charge higher fees for his performances. The fact that Andreas Bourani appears under the surname “Bourani” and not as Andreas Stiegelmair today is for the sake of his adoptive parents. Although the singer was born in Augsburg, his biological parents were not German. They probably came from North Africa.

A few days after his birth, however, he was adopted by his new family, the Stiegelmairs. When the adopted son in 2003 in the ZDF casting format “The German Voice 2003“Participated, he did so under the surname Stiegelmair. However, he later made the decision that he would rather not show his family’s name quite so publicly. Therefore the artist performs today under his birth name.

The career of the German musician

Andreas Bourani's fees
Andreas Bourani secured his first record deal in 2010. It was then that Universal Music signed him. Radio stations like SWR3, 1 Live, Fritz or Bayern 3 got involved early on to play the musician’s songs. He was even able to perform in the opening act on the tours of Culcha Candela and Philipp Poisel. His debut sign, “only in my head, “Was released in May 2011 after the artist was seen in the opening act for Aura Dione. In September of the same year Bourani competed in the Bundesvision Song Contest for Bavaria. His song “Eisberg” was also the second single that was released from the album “Dust & Fantasy”. Unfortunately, it was only enough for 10th place. Nevertheless, the record was in demand enough for a gold record. After all, the single was already sold over 150,000 times by December 2011.

Without his single “Auf uns” his career would probably have been very different. The track from the album “Hey” made it straight to first place on the German charts. In addition, this song is now one of the best-selling singles in all of Germany since 1975. That the ARD used the song as a World Cup song for their coverage of the Soccer World Cup in Brazil 2014 took up and the German national team won the tournament, was a real stroke of luck for Andreas Bourani. Also at the reception of the players in Berlin, the singer was allowed to be there live and perform his song. Since then, Andreas Bourani has established himself as a successful German artist who now also appears as an actor and voice actor.

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