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Alberto Del Rio has a famous ex-wife. Angela Velkei is the ex-wife of a Mexican-American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. She is married to American mixed martial artist Alberto Del Rio, and the two have three children together. Although Angela Velkei is still legally married, there is a lot of discord in the relationship. According to her lawyer, Raymond Rafool, the two have split up.

Angela Velkei is a former wrestler and has three children with Alberto Del Rio. Her net worth is currently Under Review, and her salary is not known. Her children are her top priorities. She is the wife of a WWE star, Alberto Del Rio. In her own life, she has several projects and hobbies. Her professional career has allowed her to be successful in various fields. She also has her own television show.

Angela Velkei has was married to Alberto Del Rio for a year and a half. The couple has three children, and Angela is the mother of their three daughters. The divorce took place in 2016 due to accusations of adultery, and Angela claims that Alberto had been cheating on her. The couple has been separated for a while now, but they are still in love. The two share the same net worth and salaries.

Angela Velkei has a net worth of Under-Review and her husband is Alberto Del Rio. They married in 2012 and have three children. In 2016, they separated. The divorce was the result of adultery on Angela’s part. The divorce is ongoing, and the couple is fighting for custody of the children. In addition, the couple is also fighting over who gets to keep the house and the cars. The children and Alberto’s ex-wife are a source of controversy in the wrestling industry.

The marriage between Angela Velkei and Alberto Del Rio was in the spotlight for the couple’s children. The couple married in 2012, and the couple has three children together. However, the divorce is complicated, with both partners are claiming that it was caused by adultery. As a result, Alberto’s ex-wife has been receiving numerous divorces for a decade. But in spite of the rumors about the divorce, the relationship between the two is still alive and strong.

Angela Velkei’s net worth is under review. As of the time of this article, Angela Velkei’s net worth has not reached $6 million. The two married in 2012 and had three children. Their children were born after the divorce. They later separated and their children are in the care of their father. The divorce was finalized in 2016. After a year of engagement, the couple is no longer together.

Angela Velkei is the ex-wife of Alberto Del Rio. The couple married in 2012 and have three children together. They divorced in 2016 after years of marriage and have been married since 2016. The reason for the divorce is the adultery. The couple has three children together. They have two children, a son and a daughter. Despite their rocky relationship, Alberto’s net worth is estimated at $6 million as of 2022.

Angela Velkei has three children with Alberto Del Rio. Their marriage ended in 2016. Their divorce was based on adultery. They had been married for 4 years before their divorce. The couple had three children together. In addition, they were also married for two years. Both women were engaged at the time of the divorce. Their relationship was over in 2017, but Alberto is still engaged to another woman. Their divorce was finalized in 2017.

Angela Velkei is the ex-wife of Mexican professional wrestler Alberto Del Rio. They were married in 2012 and have three children. The couple split after two years of marriage. Their divorce was based on adultery and she claimed that Alberto was cheating on her with Alberto. Their three children are still together. Her divorce was finalized in 2016 and she is now a famous actress. And the children are not the only ones she has.

During the divorce, Velkei was married to Alberto Del Rio, a Mexican professional wrestler. She is a promoter and mixed martial artist. Her divorce from Del Rio was finalized in 2016. The couple has three children. The relationship ended in divorce in the year 2016 and the couple have a son named Joseph Rodriguez. The children are both adopted by their parents. During this time, both Velkei and Delo were still married.

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