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Angels Wife Lover (Movie Review)

During Victorian times, the ideal woman was described as “the angel in the house”; she was passive and powerless, meek, charming, graceful, sympathetic, self-sacrificing, pious and pure.

The title of the popular Victorian poem, “Angel in the House,” is derived from this ideal. Francine Rivers uses it as a metaphor for her protagonist, Angel, in Redeeming Love.


There is a lot of tension between Angel and Paul. He is bitter and has never forgiven her for the way she killed her wife, Tessie. He also thinks that she isn’t worthy of his love.

She is a very strong character, and although she isn’t the most perfect person she is honest about her life and what God has done in her. She is also very vulnerable.

Her love for Michael is a big part of her storyline. Her faith and hope in God are what help her through her trials.

Kate Lockley is a police detective who has become obsessed with the occult. She is initially hesitant to believe in vampires, but this changes after she learns about Angel’s past. She also becomes very distrustful of Wolfram & Hart. She later attempts suicide, but is saved by Angel. Eventually she is fired from the L.A.P.D. She has a brief relationship with Angel and is still friends with him.


Angels wife lover is a storyline that explores love and betrayal, hope and despair, self-destruction and ultimate redemption. It is based on the best-selling novel by Francine Rivers and is inspired by the biblical book of Hosea.

It is a storyline that shows us Michael Hosea and his incredible pursuit of a woman who repeatedly rejects him. Her repeated running away is driven by a combination of her desire to sacrifice for Michael and the fear of what she could lose by loving him.

The film is well written with good character development and a heartfelt ending that shows a life of redemption. It is a storyline that is sure to please audiences of all ages.

The storyline starts when Michael’s brother-in-law, Paul, comes to visit him. He recognizes Angel as a former prostitute and totally looks down his nose at her. He then takes her on a wagon ride back to the town she used to live in. On the way he essentially demands that she give him sex as payment for transporting her.


Adapted from the popular book by a certain Christian romance author, this film is not for the faint of heart. The movie is a slog, thanks in part to a cast of unremarkable actors and a script by an overworked writer with no idea what she’s doing. The story centers on Michael (James McAvoy), a gold rush aficionado who finds himself the proud husband of a beautiful sexpot he names Angel (Rachel McAvoy). As you might imagine, Angel has had a rough life and isn’t too keen on settling down, much less sharing her bed with a man. The movie might be a tad too long for its own good, but the tales of its many vicissitudes are sure to have you cheering on the couple. The best part? One of the most engaging aspects is the way it reflects the complexities of human relationships and their myriad idiosyncrasies. The story is also a reminder of the fact that not all marriages are created equal and that men and women have a lot in common.


A great story of love, forgiveness and redemption. Angel is a woman who struggles to understand the forgiving grace and love of God offered to her over and over again.

Angel’s journey is not only about her own sinful nature, but also about learning how to forgive others despite their sinfulness. At every step, Michael demonstrates his love, and the love of God, and how it can be received by Angel if she will only receive it.

It’s a sad story, but one that shows how God can redeem even the most unworthy human heart. It also teaches us that the only true path to salvation is through Jesus Christ.

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