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Ann Logan Sperry

Ann Logan Sperry is a former preschool teacher. She is 89 years old, as of 2022.

She was married to Bob McGrath. He was a children’s author, singer, and actor.

The couple met in New York City, where Mcgrath was finishing his master’s degree in voice. They got married in 1958. They shared a wonderful relationship.

Born in 1933

Ann Logan Sperry was born on June 13, 1933, in Teaneck, New Jersey. She is currently 89 years old and has been married to Bob McGrath since 1958.

Sperry’s husband, Bob McGrath, was an original cast member of Sesame Street. He was a member of the show’s Glee Club and earned a master’s degree in music at the Manhattan School of Music.

After graduating, McGrath was drafted into the army. He then spent two years in Germany performing with the Seventh Army Symphony Orchestra.

He then returned to the United States and enrolled at Manhattan School of Music, where he received his master’s degree in voice. Afterward, he began a career in show business.

As a high school athlete, Sperry was a four-sport letter winner in baseball, football, basketball and track. He hit a total of 15 home runs and was considered a solid left-handed hitter.

Sperry was a Philadelphia Phillies minor leaguer, and the team’s ad for him stated that he would “stick.” But he failed to impress the Phillies during his brief major league career.

Married to Bob McGrath

Bob McGrath was married to Ann Logan Sperry for many good years until he died. They were a happy couple who shared a great relationship together.

He was a voice actor and singer who got famous by his appearance in the television series Sesame Street as Bob. He was a talented person and had an amazing personality.

Moreover, he was a well-known singer and songwriter. He collaborated with Mitch Miller and served as the featured tenor on his NBC-TV show Sing Along With Mitch for four seasons. He also sang on Walt Kelly’s CD Songs of the Pogo.

As a child, he loved singing and performing on the stage. He learned to sing from his mother and had a great bond with her.

He had five children with his wife Ann Logan Sperry including Robert, Alison, Liam, Lily, and Cathlin. They lived in New Jersey.

Ann Logan Sperry Children

Ann Logan Sperry was a well-known wife and mother. She was an avid Sesame Street fan, and she was a prominent supporter of her husband’s career.

Her husband was an original cast member and played the mascot of sorts, Bob Johnson. He received a master’s degree in voice from Manhattan School of Music. He also won a prestigious Emmy award.

As for her children, she had five. They were Liam McGrath, Robert McGrath, Alison McGrath Osder, Lily McGrath and Cathlin McGrath. She had eight grandchildren and a slew of other great-grandchildren.

Her husband passed away in December 2022, and she is now 89 years old. She is a proud wife, mother and friend. She was a whiz at baking and also enjoyed golfing with her husband. She had a lot of fun with her family, and she remains a pillar of the community. She is a true testament to the power of family. We wish her and her family all the best in the future.

Ann Logan Sperry Net worth

Bob McGrath and Ann Logan Sperry met in New York City, where Mcgrath was finishing his master’s degree in voice. They got married in 1958 after dating and getting to know each other for a long time.

During this period, they shared a great relationship and had five children together. Their children were Liam McGrath, Robert McGrath, Alison McGrath Osder, Lily McGrath and Cathlin McGrath.

The couple lived in New Jersey for about five years before Mcgrath passed away on December 4, 2022. They occupied what New Jersey refers to as a “handsome ranch house” in Norwood.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the singer and musician has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He left behind a huge legacy and fans are eager to know more about his wife.

Bob McGrath and Ann Logan Sperry had a great love for each other and had five children together. They are also blessed with eight grandchildren.

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