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Who is Anna Boschetti Temptation Island 2020: Biography, Age, Work, Bonfire and Today

Anna Boschetti is a Roman hairdresser, companion of Andrea Battistelli. Both are part of the reality show Nip couples cast Temptation Island 2020, conducted by Filippo Bisciglia and the two already appear in crisis in the video of the previews of the second episode of the documentary-reality on feelings.

Who is Anna Boschetti

  • First name: Anna Boschetti
  • Date of birth: 1983
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Info not available
  • Profession: Hairdresser
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: Info not available
  • Weight: Info not available
  • Tattoos: Anna has no visible tattoos on her body
  • Official Instagram profile: @boschetti_miss
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Anna Boschetti was born in 1983 in Rome. She has a brother to whom she is very attached and has has two children from a previous relationship to the one with Andrea Battistelli, the current partner with whom he is facing the path at Temptation Island 2020.

Anna Boschetti Intagram

Work and Career

Anna Boschetti is a Roman hairdresser 37 years old. Not much is known about his working life and career. It will be present in the 2020 edition of Temptation Island, the Mediaset reality show hosted by Filippo Bisciglia. His path will be accompanied by his companion Andrea.

Anna Boschetti and Andrea Battistelli

Anna Boschetti has been engaged for two years with Andrea Battistelli. However, Anna has two ancestral daughters from a previous relationship and from the photos posted on her Instagram account, Andrea seems to have an excellent relationship with them. Theirs was not love at first sight, but it was Anna who wooed Andrea for a long time, 27-year-old Roman chef, who eventually succumbed to his courtship.

Anna Boschetti Temptation Island 2020

Anna Boschetti participates in Temptation Island 2020 with partner Andrea Battistelli. The two are ten years apart and have been engaged for two years. Despite the video in which Andrea declares his love for Anna, it is she who expresses more doubts about their relationship. To keep the Nip couple company, there will be VIPs Antonella Elia and Pietro delle Piane, Manila Nazzaro And Lorenzo Amoruso. During the first episode of Temptation Island we see Anna very determined to get what she wants, which is a greater commitment on the part of her boyfriend. In the videos that Filippo Bisciglia offers to Andrea, Anna certainly shows her interest in her boyfriend, but also a dose of opportunism that is immediately criticized even by the social world.

In the second episode Carlo and Anna are always close and Andrea sees the images of their neighbors. He knows that Anna only does it to make him jealous, but the single Carlo instead she does not know about this strategy and it is evident how it seems that she is using it. Andrea initially reacts by saying “I’m going to get it”, then in reality he reflects and realizes that it was just an instinctive reaction. Andrea then remains in the village despite feeling stabbed by what he considers blackmail to get what he wants.

In the Fourth Episode: Andrea is called to the Pinnettu where he sees his girlfriend Anna who continues to provoke him by approaching the Single Carlo who also gives her a pat that literally makes Andrea jump off the chair. Anna then goes to look at Carlo while he trains, showing great interest. Andrea reacts by taking a bath to release the anxiety. At the bonfire Andrea is confronted with new videos of Anna: increasingly complicit with the single Carlo for strategy and not for real interest, Anna is the protagonist of his farce while Carlo seems really taken not knowing the situation. At Anna’s bonfire, Andrea says he suffered some situations where he was too good not to have a steady wrist to leave his girlfriend.

In the Fifth Episode: Anna continues with her strategy to make Andrea jealous and convince him to have a child with her. According to the advances, Andrew he will be called in the pinnettu to see a video during which Anna will make strong statements about the couple that upset the boy a lot. As has already happened, Lorenzo Amoruso in particular will have a strong reaction and will try to give Andrea a shock, who was speechless. The video released from the official profile of the broadcast indeed shows Lorenzo say: “Now does he want to turn the family against you as well? Guys, what are we really kidding? Do you start speaking against your father and your family? “. Andrea instead remains silent, astonished, while Lorenzo Amoruso adds: “It’s a hyena! But where is the love? This is Love?”. We’ll see how it turns out.

In the sixth episode Anna arrives at the bonfire and says she brought him to suffer to make him understand what it would be like to lose her. He wanted to make Andrea suffer to make her understand what happens without her. Andrea replied “but it doesn’t seem to me that I suffered like a dog”. In any case, Anna claims that their relationship does not go on because Andrea’s father does not want to and that she is always close to him at the restaurant without doing anything to keep him company. During the bonfire they review Anna’s videos with the single Carlo. Anna appears to be very determined to justify her strategy. “Is it worth it to feel bad?” these are Anna’s words. “You want to be a man and a woman”. These are the words of Andrea, who feels he has passed through a man and a boy. He adds that he took a large package but that he did it with his heart, but that he doesn’t want a child and doesn’t want to get married. He says “if I have 5 euros in my pocket or a thousand you must stay with me because I love you”. Anna wants him to fight for her if she really loves him. Anna says “I want you to understand what goes through if you lose me” to encourage him to fight for her. Filippo asks Anna if she wants to go out with Andrea or alone. She replies that she wants to go out alone by pulling the rope. Andrea tries to make amends by saying you always want to be above everyone and command. Andrea tries to make her think: he has never made her lack for anything and Anna instead says that if she goes out with him nothing will be changed. Andrea says “you ask and you want but let’s talk about it, if we don’t get to a point each one on his own path, but if you love me you don’t make a strategy”. Anna says she will go to meet him giving him some time and adds “maybe we get out of here and we do it tonight that we haven’t been able to in two years” and Filippo asks the question if he wants to go out alone or with Anna. Andrea says “I should get out of here alone because you wanted me to feel bad, but I love you so much”. Eventually Anna takes responsibility and says “I want to go out with him”.

They are together?

After a month: Anna and Andrea appear happy and smiling. Andrea confesses that the first days of return were heavy with both mind and emotions. The path, however, served him a lot and now he has understood what it is worth. Filippo asks him what his first place ranking is and he replies that Anna is now in first place along with her work. Anna has not yet confronted Andrea’s family but understands that they may have somehow been conditioned by their actions. However, Anna announces that Anna and Andrea have moved in together and that they have taken a dog. We are also talking about a child and Anna is very happy with how things are going.


  • Anna is very sporty, looks after her physical appearance and works out at the gym
  • Her Instagram profile is full of love dedications and accomplices shots with her boyfriend Andrea: from Christmas with the family to moments of everyday life.
  • Anna has a photo with Filippo Bisciglia in his Instagram profile dating back to the Christmas period 2018: probably during a party the two met. Did Filippo remember Anna?

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