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Who is Anna Valle: Biography, Age, Husband and Children, Career, Curiosity and Instagram

Anna Valle is a 45-year-old Italian actress known since 1995 when she was crowned Miss Italy. Famous for having participated in well-known television series such as Atelier Fontana – The sisters of fashion And The company of the Swan, will be a guest on April 16, 2021 on Serena Rossi’s program: Secret song.

Who is it Anna Valle?

  • Anna Valle
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Age: 45 years
  • Date of birth: June 19, 1975
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: actress, ex-model and ex Miss Italy
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: About 57 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: nobody
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Anna Valle was born in Rome on June 18, 1975. Raised up to the age of 13 in Ladispoli, after the separation of her parents, Anna moved with her mother and sister to Lentini (Sicily), her mother’s native town. Graduated from classical high school, she enrolled at the University of Catania at the Faculty of Law and at the same time worked in her mother’s underwear shop. The young Anna, however, leaves her studies after victory in the Miss Italia 1995 contest, to then devote himself to the realization of his dream: become an actress. Gets the first role on television in the Rai fiction: Orders, alongside Sabrina Ferilli and Nancy Brilli, and from there her career shows no signs of stopping. We see it in projects like Heart (2001), Soraya (2003) and Callas and Onassis (2005).

Engaged in cinema, theater and television, Anna Valle’s notoriety also expands abroad, in fact she is very well known in Germany, a country where she also took part in the series Aeon – Countdown im All (2000). One of the very successful series in which he took part is certainly Atelier Fontana – The sisters of fashion (2010), together with Alessandra Mastronardi and Federica De Cola. Since 2019 she is the music teacher Irene in fiction The company of the Swan.

Married since 2008 to the lawyer and producer Ulisse Lendaro, Anna Valle has two children (Ginevra and Leonardo), and will be a guest on Serena Rossi’s program, Secret song, during the episode of April 16, 2021.


Always passionate about acting, Anna Valle makes her debut at the Greek Theater of Syracuse from a very young age, playing the role of Mirrina in Lysistrata by Aristophanes. After having participated, triumphing, al contest of Miss Italy 1995, begins to work like model and actress. He gets his first important role in 1999, when he takes part in the successful Rai fiction Orders, and then we see it always present on television, both in Rai and Mediaset.

On television we see it in:

  • Turbo (2000);
  • Heart (2001);
  • Pope John (2002), together with Bianca Guaccero and Tosca D’Aquino;
  • For love (2002);
  • Augustus – The first emperor (2003);
  • Soraya (2003), with Michele Placido and Micol Olivieri;
  • The seasons of the heart (2004), with Alessandro Gassmann and Martina Stella;
  • Callas and Onassis (2005), with Luisa Ranieri and Serena Autieri;
  • Escape to Freedom – The Aviator (2008), with Sergio Castellitto and Marco Giallini;
  • Mists and crimes 3 (2009);
  • Atelier Fontana – The sisters of fashion (2010), with Alessandra Mastronardi, Federica De Cola, Marco Bocci, Marco Foschi and Piera Degli Esposti;
  • A love and a revenge (2011), with Alessandro Preziosi and Lorenzo Flaherty;
  • This love of ours – 70 – 80 (2014-2018), together with Neri Marcorè;
  • Sisters (2017), with Loretta Goggi and Alessio Vassallo;
  • The company of the Swan (2019 – today), with Alessio Boni and Alessandro Roja.

Anna Valle is also involved in cinema and theater. We have indeed appreciated it on the big screen, in films like Downwind! (2001, with Claudio Amendola), SoloMetro (2007, with Eleonora Giorgi) and Carnera – The Walking Mountain (2008, with Andrea Iaia, Kasia Smuntniak and F. Murray Abraham). At the theatre instead we admired it in: The Trojans (2005), Too intimate confidences (2010-2012) and The sisters-in-law – Family dinner (2018-2019).

Instagram: the fake profile

Anna Valle does not have a good relationship with social networks… indeed it can be said that she has no relationship with the social world. In fact, the actress has no account.

There are those who took advantage of this situation, and would have created a fake profile of the well-known actress, with the aim of discrediting her image. The manager of the false profile would in fact, in addition to illegally steal private images of the Valley, made posts in which he made believe that the actress suffered from an illness, or at other times he offended well-known personalities (such as Barbara D’Urso), creating not a few problems for the actress. In 2020, Anna Valle, fed up with the scam suffered, released a video in which she explained:

I reiterate that on the internet I don’t have an account and they don’t exist authorized profiles neither officially nor unofficially … There are 50,000 people who believe they are following me on Instagram, but actually it’s not me. There is this person who writes and replies pretending to be me, a story that has been going on for at least four years!

Private life: Husband and children

Anna Valle met her future husband in 2006: Ulisse Lendaro, lawyer criminal and civil lawyer, but also actor And film producer. They met during the filming of Miss Take, of which they are actors and producers, and love breaks out.

We liked each other right away, but I had recently closed an important seven-year affair with Lorenzo Cocco, a Milanese student of Economics. Ulysses was good: he was not always present, he was there but he knew how to measure himself. The courtship lasted a few months. When we decided to get together, it was a race to happiness

Said the actress during an interview. They are very rare photos that they see them together, or with their children (only Ulysses has an Instagram profile) The couple has, in fact, two children: Ginevra (April 20, 2008) e Leonardo (April 30, 2013). The family lives in Rome.

Anna Valle Family


  • Anna did not immediately accept to participate in the Miss Italy contest, in fact she rejected the first offer made to her by the promoters;
  • He presented the evening of the awarding of the Campiello Prize in 2012, together with Gigliola Cinquetti and Arisa;
  • He studied acting at the Teatro Blu in Rome;
  • He is testimonial of Mission Bambini and Change Onlus.

Anna Valle Video

Here is an interview by Francesca Fialdini with Anna Valle, guest of the program With us … freewheeling.


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