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Annie Hanson Lincoln Riley


Annie Hanson had worked with Lincoln Riley while he was at the University of Oklahoma. He wanted her to help him improve recruiting for his Sooners. The two decided to continue their friendship and work on various recruiting projects together. Annie, who is married to Zach Hanson, is now a graduate assistant coach for the Sooners. She is currently working with tight ends and special teams.

Annie’s Husband 

This rumor has been circulating for some time now and has caused some people to be curious about the relationship. There are some details that are still unknown, but hopefully the story will get to a conclusion soon. Annie’s husband Zach Hanson works for USC’s football team, so she may have had a brief acquaintance with Riley before he was hired at OU.


While there’s no official confirmation yet, rumors have been flying around that Riley and Hanson would follow the team to USC. There are a few different opinions on Reddit about Riley’s rumored move to USC. While some speculate that the couple will stay in the Sooners, others think they’ll join the Trojans as head coach.

Riley’s Increased Earning

Riley’s contract has increased his salary by almost $1 million since his hiring. He’s now earning $4.8 million. This contract includes an annual $200,000 raise and a stay bonus of $700,000. Many consider Riley one of the best coaches in college football. In fact, CBS Sports ranked Riley third nationally behind Alabama’s Nick Saban and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney.

Before Track Captain

Before Annie Hanson became the track captain at OU, she was at North Carolina. She spent two seasons there. Her time at OU was limited but she made an impression on her new boss’ family. Her parents visited the campus two weeks ago. They were impressed by her leadership style and the new campus.

Rumored Relationship 

Both Lincoln Riley and Annie Hanson have been the subject of rumors about a relationship. Lincoln Riley is a former quarterback at the University of Oklahoma and is now the head coach of the USC Trojan football program. He has also been involved in several other coaching positions and has had several famous NFL players under his belt.


Despite the difficulties in working for the same school, the Hansons found a way to stay together. While they lived hundreds of miles apart, they remained close and remained friends for three years. In the spring of 2019, Zach and Annie were reunited for the first time since moving to the same state.


As the assistant to OU’s head football coach, Riley’s role was a bit different than his other responsibilities. His new role involved recruiting and handling the coach’s schedule. Watson made the transition much easier by simplifying office procedures. Riley was unable to find his feet in the new position before fall camp and the start of the season.

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