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If you’re curious about Anthony Strangis, you’ve probably come to the right place. There’s a ton of information about him on Wikipedia, but you’ll find little about his personal life. While he’s known to have a large following on social media, he’s actually a private person. His past is a little sketchy, but there’s plenty of information to learn about his background.

Controversial Past

First and foremost, Strangis is a man with a controversial past. Although Strangis did not have an official Wikipedia profile, his significant other has a page. Strangis is also known by his stage name, Shane Fox. His past is littered with crime and betting, and his wife Sarma is still imprisoned for two burglaries. His father, who was a police officer for 25 years, has an interesting story about Anthony Strangis and his wife.

Many Crimes

In the 1990s, Strangis was convicted of being a conman and was sentenced to prison. Since his release, he has remained a low-key figure in the public eye. In May 2017, he was released from Rikers Island and transferred to Massachusetts on probation. His divorce was finalized in August 2018. During the preliminary, his wife reportedly accused Strangis of abusing her.

Notorious Personality 

While Strangis is a known criminal, he also holds a law degree. He was accused of using coercive control to bilk investors out of millions of dollars. In December 2012, he secretly married Sarma Melngailis. Strangis was a part-owner of a restaurant, but failed to mention his educational background. However, his trial did not reveal his background.

No Social Media Accounts

He has a fair-skinned, chubby face and brown eyes. He has not joined any social media sites, so it is difficult to know what kind of person he is. There’s a lot to learn about Anthony Strangis. Don’t forget to check out his wikipedia page!

Ex-husband of Sarma Melngailis

Strangis was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, and was raised by his parents there. He was a successful con man. In fact, he was the ex-husband of Sarma Melngailis, the founder of the company Pure Food and Wine. Sarma Melngailis, who had a reputation for working in restaurants, met Strangis on Twitter, and began sending him money.

Divorce and Pregnancy 

Aside from being a successful con artist, Anthony Strangis is also the ex-husband of Sarma Melngailis. He was married to Sarma Melngailis for three years. The couple divorced in 2018, and Strangis received a five-year probation with $840,000 in restitution. While Strangis has been released from jail, his wife is still living with him and their son, who was not born yet.

Criminal Record

Strangis has a criminal record. He pleaded guilty to criminal tax fraud, grand larceny, and a conspiracy to commit financial fraud. His wife, Sarma, was arrested in 2016, and their son, Shane, is suspected of helping them to steal money. While he has a criminal record, the Strangis case has been resolved, and he’ll be 42 years old in 2022.


Despite the scandal, Strangis’ net worth has remained relatively stable over the years. In fact, his net worth is estimated at $1 million by 2022. But, he has yet to pay off his creditors. According to Anthony Strangis wikipedia, he is due for $1 million of bankruptcy by 2022. So, you’re probably wondering about his net worth. And you might be wondering how you can find out the truth about this controversial businessman.

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