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Ashton Kutcher net worth and earnings

How much money does Ashton Kutcher have?

Ashton Kutcher net worth

Ashton Kutcher is considered one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. This pays off for the Cedar Rapids-born Kutcher because it is estimated that he has one Assets of almost 180 million euros. But that’s not all, because research by Forbes shows that Kutcher earns around 20 million US dollars every year. At $ 750,000 per episode of Two and a Half Men, Ash was the highest paid TV actor in the world.

Success as a model and actor

Kutcher owes his high income not only to his acting career, the American is also successful in the modeling business. He has already carried out campaigns for numerous well-known fashion designers and is considered one of the most sought-after personalities on the market for male models. In his work as an actor, Kutcher presented himself in the last two years mainly in his new role in Two and a Half Men, which he took on after Charlie Sheen left. Other than that, Kutcher only appeared in one Hollywood movie. He plays the leading role in the film adaptation of the life of Steve Jobs, in the film JOBS. Still, his work as a TV star is more lucrative, because according to the consensus, the American receives up to 800,000 US dollars for every Two and a Half Men episode. Accordingly, Kutcher has already earned over $ 50 million for his 69 appearances on the series to date – a fortune!

From series star to film star and back

Ashton Kutcher’s career didn’t start as early as that of many other actors. So he first completed a degree in biochemistry and also worked as a cleaner to finance his time at the university. He was discovered by a model agency, which ultimately brought him big. Numerous other shoots with well-known fashion designers were to fly. The 1.89 meter tall American first appeared on television when he was 20 years old when he played a role in the popular show “the wild seventies“Took over. Due to Kutcher’s great success, he kept the role until 2006, but on the side he continued to work on his career and tried his hand at acting in various films for the first time. However, he only made his big break in Hollywood after his role in the well-known TV series.

Films like Love Vegas, Toy Boy, Kiss & Kill and Happy New Year also brought Kutcher great notoriety in the film business. This was only increased when it was announced in 2011 that Kutcher would take on the role of Charlie Sheen in the hit TV series Two and a Half Men. Although it was initially criticized, Kutcher is now an integral part of the series. Accordingly, the producer Chuck Lorre and the producing television station CBS announced that more episodes of the hit series will be shot. However, the end was announced in May 2014 and the series will find its finale with the twelfth season.

Video teaser for Two and a Half Men Season 9 (first season with Ashton Kutcher):

Promotional deals with Nikon and Lenovo

Ashton Kutcher has also found sources of income outside of his work as an actor and model. The American works as an advertising figure for various companies. In recent years, Kutcher has signed with GAP, Pizza Hut and Nikon, among others, and promoted a wide variety of products. The deal with the Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon is said to have been particularly lucrative. For this, Kutcher is said to have received several million US dollars per year. Nevertheless, the collaboration ended in 2013, rumor has it that Kutcher insisted on doubling his salary. For the actor, however, it was not a big blow, because only a little later, the computer manufacturer Lenovo announced that Kutcher would be the new face of its advertising campaign. The wages for this: ten million US dollars a year.

$ 3.6 million for his home

Ashton Kutcher Fees
In contrast to many other Hollywood stars, Kutcher has been very cautious on the real estate market for years. He lived for rent in the Hollywood Hills until 2012, but at that time already in a luxury property for which he pays 50,000 US dollars a month in rent. This house with 900 square meters of living space, gym, cinema, pools and other amenities, bought Kutcher in 2012 for $ 3.6 million. Before separating from Demi Moore, Kutcher lived in another luxury estate in Beverly Hills. This, however, belonged to his ex-wife, who kept the house even after the separation. Finally, Kutcher still has a “mobile home” that he lives in while filming Two and a Half Men. This, too, offers all the amenities a Hollywood actor could wish for.

Three cars, motorcycles and trucks

Ashton Kutcher’s passion for motorized vehicles doesn’t stop with cars. Next to one Ferrari California, a Fisker Karma and a Lexus LS Hybrid, the actor still has several motorcycles from the well-known manufacturer Harley Davidson and even a truck, which is also the world’s most powerful truck for the transport of goods. Even with this one NaviStar CXT The well-known American likes to take a tour of Los Angeles.

Clever investments and financial investments increase your wealth further

But that’s not all, because Kutcher is also well versed in the stock and investment markets. One of his key deals was an investment in the successful Flipboard social media platform, which brought him over $ 10 million in profit in 2010. The following year, the same investment is said to have brought in an additional $ 50 million. However, in addition to Kutcher, nine other investors were involved.

In 2011, Kutcher is also expected to go far together with six other investors More than $ 100 million from an Airbnb investment, also a very successful website for the brokerage of apartments. The same deal is supposed to be im the following year again generated earnings of $ 200 million. With his venture capital company A-Grade, he continues to invest very successfully in start-up companies, earning a fortune in the millions.

Startup Investments by Ashton Kutcher:

Many of the investments have already been converted into lucrative exits.

year company Total investment amount
2020 Life House $ 30 million
2020 Homebound $ 35 million
2019 Affirm $ 300 million
2019 Untitled Labs $ 2.8 million
2019 Lambda School $ 30 million
2018 Higia $ 5 million
2018 YouMechanic $ 4.6 million
2018 Veriff $ 7.7 million
2018 Crowd cow $ 8 million
2017 Hooked $ 10 million
2017 Neighborly $ 25 million
2017 Zenreach $ 30 million
2017 ResearchGate $ 52.6 million
2017 Kopari Beauty unknown
2016 Willing $ 7 million
2016 IfOnly $ 10.3 million
2015 Gigster $ 10 million
2015 Neighborly $ 5.5 million
2015 $ 8 million
2015 GitLab Inc $ 1.5 million
2015 Airtable $ 7.6 million
2015 Duolingo $ 45 million
2015 Airtable $ 3 million
2014 $ 25 million
2014 Vicarious $ 12 million
2014 Flexport $ 6.9 million
2014 Vicarious $ 40 million
2014 Secret $ 8.6 million
2014 BloomThat (exit) $ 2.1 million
2014 Washio $ 2.25 million
2013 ShopTap Industries $ 5.5 million
2013 Airbnb $ 200 million
2013 Panorama Education $ 4 million
2013 Studio $ 800,000
2013 InteraXon (Muse) $ 6 million
2013 Citymaps $ 1.5 million
2013 Propeller (exit) $ 1.25 million
2013 invi $ 2.25 million
2013 ShopTap Industries $ 700,000
2013 Balanced $ 2 million
2013 Pickwick & Weller $ 2 million
2013 BitPay $ 510,000
2012 Balanced $ 1.4 million
2012 BlackJet $ 2.14 million
2012 Clever $ 3 million
2012 Summly $ 1.23 million
2012 YourMechanic $ 1.8 million
2012 Socialcam (exit) unknown
2012 StyleSeat $ 775,000
2012 Votes $ 750,000
2012 Gidsy (exit) $ 1.2 million
2011 Chloe + Isabel $ 8.5 million
2011 Duolingo $ 3.3 million
2011 Fab $ 7.7 million
2011 Airbnb $ 112 million
2011 MemSQL $ 2.1 million
2011 GOAT $ 1.6 million
2011 Flipboard $ 50 million
2011 Milk (exit) $ 1.5 million
2011 Zaarly $ 1 million
2011 SeatGeek unknown
2011 Tinychat $ 1.5 million
2011 Circle Inc $ 1 million
2011 Incredible Labs (exit) unknown
2011 Chloe + Isabel $ 3.25 million
2010 Airbnb $ 7.2 million
2010 Path (exit) $ 2.5 million
2010 Hipmunk (exit) $ 1 million
2010 AeroFS (exit) unknown
2010 Blekko (exit) $ 1.2 million
2010 Flipboard $ 10.5 million
2010 NOWBOX unknown
2010 Optimizely $ 1.2 million

Startup source: Crunchbase

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Barbara Henderson + Andrew Evans / PR Photos

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