Attorney Bob King’s Net Worth

Bob King’s net worth is in the region of $1 to $5 million. He earned this money by practicing Law. Born in Michigan, Bob King is currently 72 years old. While he is a philanthropist, lawyer, and businessman, his net worth is in no way related to his body size or his weight. Besides his net worth, Bob King maintains a private life. There are no rumors of divorce or relationship with the public.

The net worth of King Aminpour is kept under wraps, a practice that has earned him a decent living. King Aminpour is not open about his financial earnings, but he does make a good living as a car accident attorney. Unlike other prominent lawyers, he does not discuss his financial earnings publicly. Attorney King’s charitable work is also noteworthy. Each year, he donates one million meals to low-income families.

King Aminpour’s net worth is estimated at $800 million. He is the founder of the law firm Amnipour and Associates. Aside from practicing law, he also owns several companies and has his own cooking show on the Food Network. His net worth is reportedly derived from his investments in several different businesses. King Aminpour is estimated to be between 45 and 55 years old and resides in California.

Joe Jamail, Jr. is the wealthiest practicing attorney in the country. He is often known as the “King of Torts” because of his successful cases. The former Thai Prime Minister was represented by his lawyer in a $100 million case. The result of this case was $345 million in contingency fees. The case was settled for a record amount of money. Jamail also has other assets worth more than $1 billion, including the Thai cable company.