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Bausa: The rapper’s fortune

How much money does Bausa have?

With What you call love Bausa made its breakthrough in October 2017. As the only German rap song ever, it sold more than a million times in Germany. The rapper then landed other top 10 hits – both as a solo artist and with collaborations. In August 2020, he barely missed his second number one when he was with Juju and 2012 landed at number two in the German charts. The cherished Bausa assets amount to 2.5 million euros.

What Bausa does for a living

Earnings from Bausa
Bausa earns his living with music. He sold more than 3.3 million records by the beginning of 2021. The single What you call love has been put down and on 1.5 million times Spotify streamed over 175 million times. The accompanying music video was also viewed more than 150 million times on YouTube, which brought Bausa additional revenue. He also earns money with concerts and can thus further increase his fortune. In 2016 he was on tour as support for RAF Camora & Bonez MC and Kontra K. He has done several solo tours since 2017, most of which were sold out.

Early entry into hip-hop

Bausa, whose real name is Julian Otto, moved with his family from Saarland to Bietigheim-Bissingen at the age of seven. It was there, near Stuttgart, that he first came into contact with hip-hop. He started to teach himself to play the piano on a keyboard and wrote his first texts. At first he did this in English, but soon in German. His father died of cancer at the age of 15, and at 16 Bausa recorded his first track in a friend’s closet. Because he consumed alcohol and marijuana at this age, he was sent to a correctional home by the youth welfare office. After a year he was expelled from the institute without leaving school. Since he then completed an apprenticeship, he initially put his musical career on hold.

The breakthrough with What you call love

Bausa income
As a 19-year-old Bausa turned back to music. Since he found German rap at that time monotonous, he experimented with different styles such as funk and soul. For this he built his own recording studio. Its first release was the EP in 2014 Soul maneuvers. In doing so, he aroused the interest of established rappers such as Sido, Miss Platnum and Capo. Bausa’s debut album came out in April 2017 Three-color house on the market and reached number ten in the German charts. The mixtape followed in February 2018 Powerbausa. The song contained on it What you call love had already become the rapper’s first number one hit in October 2017. With a total of nine weeks at the top of the German charts, the single is the most successful German rap release of all time. In addition it sold more than a million times – that is also a record for a German-language hip-hop song.

Regularly in the charts

Bausa’s second album called fever appeared in June 2019 and, like its predecessor, placed in the top 10 of the German charts. The single Mary reached rank eight. This was followed by other singles in which Bausa was involved and which landed at the top of the sales list. This included about No love, a collaboration with RIN that rose to number five in October 2019, and To ski with The Cratez, Maxwell and Joshi Mizu, which reached fourth place in November 2019. With the song 2012 Bausa and Juju were in second place in the German charts in August 2020 Lonely Miksu, Macloud, Reezy, Selmon and Bausa were in third place in January 2021. Bausa had a total of eight top 10 singles in Germany by the beginning of 2021, five in Austria and two in Switzerland. With the sales and streams of his tracks, Bausa can continue to grow his fortune.

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