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Beatrice Egli: The fortune of the pop singer

How rich is Beatrice Egli?

Even if Beatrice Egli made music before she took part in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS), the TV format has clearly paid off for the Swiss woman. After all, she was able to take home victory in the tenth season of DSDS, which has meant that her previous productions have also sold better. Her first album was finally released as a cooperation with Lys Assia in 2007. The appreciated Beatrice Egli’s net worth is 3 million euros.

Big breakthrough with Germany is looking for the superstar

Beatrice Egli's income
At DSDS, however, the beautiful blonde was only seen in the final in 2013. Beatrice Egli not only won Dieter Bohlen’s heart with her singing. The fact that over 70 percent of viewers wanted to see her as a winner gave her a substantial cash bonus. After all, she not only won a record deal with the world-famous Universal Music label. There was also 500,000 euros award for Beatricewhich meanwhile has a multiple of this sum on the high edge. After all, the singer has always lived frugally and is only said to have finally moved out of her parents’ house in 2016.

Immediately after participating in DSDS, the Swiss woman, who appears not only as a singer but also as an actress, made it to number one in the single charts in Germany, her Swiss homeland and Austria. So she succeeded with hers Song “my heart” a groundbreaking success in the first week of sales. The following studio album “Glücksgefühle” made it straight to number two in the charts. In Switzerland, it was still possible to jump to the pole of the charts in the second week, where the album even received the platinum award. In Germany, however, Beatrice Egli received gold a good month later.

The career of Beatrice Egli

The fact that Beatrice Egli comes from a musical family certainly helped her a lot in her later career. The blonde Swiss woman started singing when she was nine years old. From the age of 14 there were professional singing lessons for today’s successful singer. At first, Beatrice presented her singing skills mainly at folk festivals. Nevertheless, after graduating from school, she did not immediately start as a professional singer. Rather, she trained as a hairdresser and then worked in this profession for a year. Then follow the Acting training at the School for Drama in Hamburgwhich she successfully completed in 2011.

Beatrice Egli's fortune
In the meantime, Beatrice Egli had already been able to record some minor successes. This included, for example, the appearance at the “Autumn festival of folk music“, At which Egli could be seen in autumn 2007 at the side of Florian Silbereisen. In 2009 she was allowed to stage herself at the “Musikantenstadl” and present the song “Lipstick” there. By the way, Beatrice only became Beatrice Egli in 2011, as the artist had previously only performed under her first name.

Lots of awards and prizes

Beatrice Egli was able to skilfully continue her musical triumph in March 2014 as well. Finally she received the echo as “Newcomer of the year (international)”. Two months later she received a prestigious music award in her home country, the Swiss Prix Walo. At this point in time, Egli and Dieter Bohlen had already declared their collaboration to be over. Whether in “Sturm der Liebe” on ARD or “Genial besides – Die Schlagershow,” the young talent has not given up on her TV career either. Your album “Feel-good guarantee“Brought her to number one in the Swiss and number two in the German and Austrian charts again in 2018. You can make a lot of money with Schlager, Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer show it. Beatrice can definitely keep up with these sizes. We are curious to see which hits the singer will follow.

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