Bernard Jabs Net Worth

Bernard Jabs is a rising American Rapper. He has released his first EP under Def Jam and has been opening for artists like Pusha T. His net worth is unknown but is increasing rapidly. The 17-year-old hails from Tifton, Georgia. Bernard Jabs’ net worth is unknown. This article will shed some light on the rapper’s net worth. Keep reading for more information.

Bernard Jabs is an artist that is only seventeen years old. He has already surpassed the 100,000 streaming mark on SoundCloud. He has opened for artists like Pusha T and released an EP entitled Coldhearted. Jabs was originally distributed by independent label Foredise records, but later removed his name from their artist list. Jabs released his debut EP, Coldhearted, on Friday. In addition to the EP, Bernard Jabs released an official music video for his song “Move The Same.” The video features production from Ryan Bevolo and JRHITMAKER.

Bernard Jabs’s net worth has continued to rise since he signed with Def Jam. The rapper is currently touring with Pusha T as a support act. Jabs also released a mixtape called “Thank God 4 U” in January 2020. The track has received over a million streams. Jabs has plans to release more music in the future. And as long as he stays focused, his net worth will continue to increase.

The rapper’s first song, “Rebirth,” was released on April 4, 202. It includes an intro, a chorus, one verse, and a bridge. It was inspired by the Lil Wayne album, “Rebirth,” by his idol and a fellow southerner. He eventually signed with a major label, Def Jam, and opened for Pusha T and released the Coldhearted EP. In addition, Bernard almost dropped out of high school to focus on his music career. His parents encouraged him to start recording music, and they built a bedroom studio. He then posted the recordings to Soundcloud.