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Bert Wollersheim: The fortune of the ex-brothel boss

How much money does Bert Wollersheim have?

Bert Wollersheim was once said to have been difficult for millions. There is nothing left of that now. The pensioner is insolvent and has so far not managed to develop similarly flourishing sources of income as in his past. The exit from his brothels also plunged the entrepreneur into a financial crisis. It was reported in spring 2018 that Bert Wollersheim could possibly receive compensation in the millions from the German state. The decision of the Düsseldorf Regional Court has made headlines. The cherished Bert Wollersheim’s fortune is 5,000 euros.

Millions in compensation for wrongful law enforcement

Bert Wollersheim's income
After all, the court has classified the former brothel owner as completely innocent. Wollersheim is because of a “to compensate wrongly carried out criminal prosecution measures from the state treasury on the merits“. But what exactly is Wollersheim to be compensated for? It’s not just about the pre-trial detention that Bert endured as an innocent man. The financial losses, his loss of income and the losses of his company that resulted from the negative publicity are also to be compensated. The same applies to damage to health and damage to reputation, provided that Wollersheim’s lawyer can prove that this damage resulted from criminal prosecution against his client. Depending on the evidence, compensation in the millions would even be possible. It remains to be seen how much Bert Wollersheim will really get.

The prosecution of Bert Wollersheim and around 80 suspects already occurred in the summer of 2012. At that time, it was about that around 130 suitors in the Düsseldorf region had been given knockout dropsto then withdraw large sums of money from their credit cards. After all, one of Germany’s best-known brothel bosses had to spend seven weeks in custody in this context.

The ups and downs of his career

Bert Wollersheim first learned the trade of hairdresser, where he worked in his parents’ salon. At the age of 18, however, the now two-time father moved to Düsseldorf, where he worked as a celebrity hairdresser for show business greats such as Rex Gildo and Dieter Thomas Heck. His work also led to first contact with local red-light district figures. As early as 1976, the aspiring businessman then opened his own club called “Darlings”. A brothel called “The Red Mile” followed in the 1980s. His stretch limousine rental took off in the mid-1990s. At the same time, he was sentenced to extortionate kidnapping for the brothel boss’ kidnapping of a prostitute.

Bert Wollersheim's fortune
She wanted to get out. The brothel boss didn’t like that, and Bert Wollersheim even went so far as to demand a transfer from the lady’s new friend. At the beginning of the 2000s, television became more aware of this polarizing personality. A WDR documentary about Bert was released. In 2009 she participated in “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner”. From 2011, the brothel boss was even able to present himself in an eight-part documentary soap on RTL II on TV. The format was called “The Wollersheims – a terribly nice family!“One of his career highlights was followed by the low point of involuntary pre-trial detention.


In 2014 Wollersheim tried his luck again and opened a nudist club in Düsseldorf. But already In 2016 it became known that the entrepreneur was no longer solvent. At the beginning of 2019, Bert Wollersheim filed for bankruptcy. After all, this man seems to have found his private happiness all over again. His marriage to Sophia Vegas did not survive the turbulent times, they separated in 2016. In 2018 Bert Wollersheim went with his girlfriend Bobby Anne Baker in “The Summer House of the Stars – Fight of the Celebrity Couples”. After the TV show, the relationship between the two broke up. But Bert fell in love again. The pensioner is now married to Yvonne Schaufler. It remains to him to wish that this marriage will last as long as possible despite the registered bankruptcy.

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