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bianca censori wiki

Bianca Censori Wiki

Bianca Censori is a professional architect and designer. She currently works as a head of architecture at Yeezy, a brand owned by rapper Kanye West.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of Melbourne. She also started her own jewelry company, Nylons Jewellery, while studying.

Bianca Censori Age

Bianca Censori is a young and beautiful architect who has earned a name in the field of architecture. She works as the head of architecture for Yeezy West and has made a name for herself in this industry.

Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. She also has a family and husband.

She started her company Nylons Jewellery after high school and continued the business while studying architecture in Melbourne.

In her previous job, she produced technical drawings and interior design work for a sizable residential building. She then joined Collingwood-based architecture firm DP Toscano Engineers, where she worked for three years.

Former Melbourne-based DP Toscano Engineers president Joe Toscano was shocked when she told him in 2020 that she was leaving to work for Yeezy West’s clothing brand. However, he believed she was qualified for such a big role and would make an impact in the field.

Bianca Censori Height

Bianca Censori wiki is a popular celebrity who has made her name in the world of fashion and entertainment. She is known for her amazing looks and personality. However, she prefers to keep her personal life low-profile.

She is a model, actress, and architect. She is best known as the new wife of rapper Kanye West.

Her age is 27 as of 2022 and she lives in Los Angeles, California. She married Kanye West in a private ceremony on January 2023.

Until then, she had never been in the limelight. She started her career as a model when she was just 21 years old.

She then established her own jewelry brand, Nylons, while studying architecture at the University of Melbourne. After graduating, she moved to America and worked as a design consultant for Toscano Architecture. She also appeared in an article for i-D magazine. She was later spotted with Kanye West and they were rumored to be married.

Bianca Censori Net Worth

Bianca Censori has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She is an Australian-American architect and jewelry designer.

She has a master’s degree in architecture and currently works as a head of architecture for Kanye West’s brand Yeezy. She has been working for the company since November 2020.

Before becoming an architect, she worked as a jewelry designer and launched her own jewelry business. She started her business, Nylons Jewellery, after high school and continued it while she studied at the University of Melbourne.

Her better half is also an architect and he’s worth around $400 million now that his lucrative deal with Adidas has ended. However, his behavior has gotten him into trouble, especially in 2022 when he made anti-Semitic remarks that prompted the Adidas deal to be cut.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family. Despite her success, she prefers to keep her personal life out of the public spotlight.

Bianca Censori Bio

Bianca Censori is an Australian architect who works at Kanye West’s Yeezy brand. She joined the company in November 2020 and is currently positioned as the Head of Architecture.

She has a degree in architecture from the University of Melbourne. She has also worked as a design consultant and student architect before joining Yeezy.

Before she studied architecture, she founded a jewellery business with her friend Irene called Nylons Jewellery, creating Swarovski gem chokers and wristbands for herself and friends. She realized the potential of their business and realised that she wanted to start a real store.

Despite her career success, she admitted that she sometimes struggled to stay focused and motivated at school. In a 2016 piece for I-D, she talked about her difficulties and emphasized the importance of balancing work and studies.

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