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William G. Klein is a retired American businessman and a professional poker player. He lives in Laguna Hills, California. He is well-known for his skills and is known to win many tournaments. He is known for his success in high-stakes cash games and has won millions of dollars. Here is his story. Listed below are some interesting facts about him. You can learn more about his career, and about the games he enjoys playing.

When it comes to high-stakes poker, Bill Klein has a rich history. He has won more than $7 million in tournaments alone and appeared on season 7 of the Game Show Network’s High Stakes Poker. In 2015, he won a $458,500 pot in the Aria Super High Roller cash game. His opponent held a K5, and he called Klein’s bluff. In 2016, he ranked 96th on the World Poker Tour’s Money List and is currently ranked #1787 on the Global PI.

In 2014, Klein won the $18 million Aria Super High Roller event. He beat Antonio Esfandiari for the win and finished fourth in the field. In 2016, he ranked 96th on the World Poker Tour’s Money List. Despite his lack of experience, he has consistently been among the top players in the world. The money he won came from a number of high-stakes cash games.

After being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010, Klein shifted his focus to playing poker and was able to overcome the adversity he faced. In 2014, he competed in a $250k Aria Super High Roller event and won $450,000. Afterwards, he was ranked 96th in the 2016 Money List. He has continued to build his career in poker. If you want to play high-stakes poker in Las Vegas, check out Bill Klein’s biography.

In 2015, Klein appeared on the Game Show Network’s High Stakes Poker. In 2015, he won a $458,500 pot against Antonio Esfandiari in the Aria Super High Roller cash game. The poker show was the first television series to feature a professional poker player. In 2016, the show featured the show’s most successful players. The series ended in season seven. In that year, Bill Klein was ranked 96th on the Money List.

In 2014, Bill Klein’s cancer treatment was successful. He beat his cancer and finished fourth in the Aria Super High Roller tournament in Las Vegas. In 2015, he ranked 96th in the World Series of Poker. In 2016, he earned a $18 million prize in a $100,000 no-limit hold’em event. Despite his struggles with cancer, his poker career continues to shine. He has been featured on several TV shows, including “The World of Poker,” on Game Show Network.

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