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Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of Love: Actors, Plot and Episodes Streaming

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Bitter Sweet - Ingredients of Love: Actors, Plot and Episodes Streaming

Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of Love aired on Channel 5 every day at 2.45 pm, it is a new exciting one Turkish soap destined to repeat the great success of the beloved TV series Cherry Season – The season of the heart. The plot is intriguing but the protagonists are the protagonists with their charm: the female protagonist Ozge Gurel already interpreter of Cherry Season and the beautiful Can Yaman male protagonist are the winning ingredients.

Bitter Sweet: How many bets are there

The soap originally matters 26 episodes from 120 minutes each. The episodes by Bitter Sweet however they will be reduced to 40 minutes (from 2.45pm to 3.30pm plus advertising) in order to cover all the summer programming and thus becoming 78 episodes for Channel 5. Will replace Men and women and from here we understand that Mediaset strongly believes in the product since that is historically a very important band for Canale 5 and its advertising investors.

ATTENTION: From 5 August Bitter Sweet will air with DOUBLE episodes every day from 2.40 to 4.30 pm. We do not know why this change of programming by Canale 5 is probably linked to the start date of Men and Women.

Actors of Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of Love

The actors that make up the Cast of Bitter Sweet are real stars in Turkey and in the world and boast millions of followers on social networks. Here are the performers of the three protagonists Ferit, Nazli and Deniz:

Can Yaman is a 30-year-old Turkish actor, handsome as the sun and famous enough to have 4 million followers on his Instagram profile. In the Soap he plays a beautiful but difficult character, with a heart of ice who will undergo an evolution during the episodes thanks to the girl he falls in love with, Nazli. Can Yaman is known for other successful series such as: DayDreamer The wings of the dream where he acts together with the beautiful Demet Ozdemir and Mr Wrong Lessons Of Love.

Ozge Gurel is a Turkish actress much loved also in Italy, especially after playing the lead role in the soap “Cherry Season – The season of the heart“. In the soap in question, Ozge Gurel plays the role of Nazli: a beautiful aspiring chef who will have to work for a serious and intriguing entrepreneur, Ferit, played by Can Yaman.

Deniz is a childhood friend of Ferit, played by Hakan Kurtas. He will be the one to undermine the heart of the beautiful Nazli and to be a serious competitor for the love of the protagonist. He too is a really interesting character, we will certainly see some good ones!

Sweet Bitter Texture – Ingredients Of Love

Bitter Sweet’s storyline centers on Nazli: young student aspiring cook. The latter, to realize the dream of opening her own restaurant, agrees to work as a cook at the home of a charming young entrepreneur with a very evocative name: Ferit, played by Can Yaman. Hence a relationship that will spark and that promises to keep us company throughout the summer. The protagonist is Ozge Gurel who plays Nazli. She went from the series Cherry Season where he tried to break into the world of fashion at the Bitter Sweet series where instead he tries to be successful in the world of cooking. His romantic and dreamlike attitude but also his disorder and his sympathy are the masters for the entire duration of the TV series.

The male protagonist, on the other hand, is Can Yaman who plays the role of Ferit: a lonely man dedicated to work but nevertheless terribly fascinating. What do you want from life? That everything is ready when he gets home and he doesn’t want to see his cook or whoever cooks for him. But of course, history does not only have these ingredients: another handsome and interesting man will enter Nazli’s heart by going to mess up the cards on the table. We are talking about Deniz portrayed by Hakan Kurtas. Deniz is the brother of Ferit’s partner and due to a series of marriage entanglements he can be considered to all intents and purposes part of Ferit’s family.

As you can see, the ingredients for a classic and stylish triangle are all there. The latest ingredient of the TV series for a guaranteed success? Little Bulut, a very sweet child who will manage to break through even Ferit’s hard heart and help him conquer the beautiful Nazli. The background of this romantic and captivating story is the beautiful Istanbul with its shots, its atmosphere and the attractions of the city that you can enjoy comfortably from the sofa.

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Bitter Sweet Subtitled Episodes on Youtube

The complete series with the episodes of Bitter Sweet (Doulonay the original title) even those NOT yet aired you can also find them in their original language and subtitled in Italian on YOUTUBE. In fact, the rights for the original version are not held by Mediaset and therefore it is possible to see the complete series with subtitles completely free and legally. Bitter Sweet Complete Series on Youtube.

Puntate Bitter Sweet in Streaming on Mediaset Play

All the bets you missed out on Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of Love you can find them on Mediaset Play in streaming. Here are all the links to see them but remember that you have to register otherwise the vision could stop after a certain amount of time. Registration is simple and all you need is an email address. If you are connected from your mobile phone, this link opens the Mediaset Play app directly if you have it installed. If you have not installed it, we advise you to do so as the vision is better.

A few years ago, during the summer, Mediaset began to launch some soap operas of foreign origin on channel 5. Starting with the famous “The secret and continuing with “A life(all are still available on Mediaset Play streaming) – both started in the summer as an experiment but then moved on thanks to the success achieved – Canale 5 is conquering the Italian summer and, above all, that of the fans of the holding in question. This year Mediaset has a Turkish soap opera in store for the viewers of the small screen: “Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of love“.


The advances of the soap Bitter Sweet Ingredients of Love with summaries of all the episodes aired on Canale 5 and divided by day, you can find them in our dedicated article. Below is the summary of the last week:

Bittersweet Advances from 5 to 9 August

  • Monday 5th August: Ferit, having received evidence of the sabotage of Demir and Zeinep’s machine, is increasingly convinced that the perpetrator of their death is Hakan. The police begin to investigate the incident. Hakan, fearing that he will be discovered, tries to take away the evidence of the accident and also the people who helped him sabotage the car. Meanwhile, relations between Nazli and Ferit are increasingly colder because Aslan is unable to forgive her.
  • Tuesday 6 August: The date of the hearing of Bulut’s definitive custody has come. The court decides in favor of Hakan and Demet mainly because they are a married couple, despite the child having expressed the desire to return to live with Ferit and Nazli. The two spouses thus manage to own a large package of shares in the company. Ferit is saddened by the loss of Bulut and also because Demet tells him that he wants to expel him from the life of the child. Ferit devises a plan to get the baby back, but needs Nasli’s cooperation to implement it. By leveraging the girl’s guilt, he manages to get her to accept a formal marriage with the aim of getting Bulut back.
  • Wednesday 7 August: Although Ferit is always angry with Nazli, during a press conference he announces his engagement and the upcoming wedding with Nazli. The news causes bewilderment in Hakan and Demet, who fear the failure of their plans and Deniz’s despair over the loss of their girl. Nazli’s parents, at the news, express all their disapproval and their consequent estrangement from their daughter. Nazli, saddened, would like to give up the marriage, but Ferit manages to save the situation.
  • Thursday 8 August: On the wedding day, both Ferit and Nazli linger at work. Demet, very jealous of Ferit, manages to lock Nazli inside a refrigerator, preventing her from getting to the wedding. A very angry Ferit and all his friends try to find Nazli who seems to have run away not to get married, Deniz, sensing a danger, manages to save her and take her to his house without warning anyone. Here an angry Ferit finds her who, without wanting to hear explanations, makes her respect her commitment and finally they get married.
  • Friday 9 August: The day after the wedding Nazli falls ill and is treated by Ferit who learns why the girl did not show up for the ceremony. His suspicions immediately fall on Hakan and Demet. Ferit and Nazli have requested Bulut ‘s custody and as the date of the hearing approaches, Hakan, fearing he will lose everything, has the drug company put into the trucks of the drug that is discovered by the police. Ferit is arrested, but succeeding in proving his innocence is released. This situation makes Nazli and Ferit experience very intense moments. It is clear to all of Hakan’s involvement in the whole affair.

Video Of Bitter Sweet Ingredients Of Love

Other Turkish Series To See

  • Kiralik Ask: Romance – Drama genre, based on the story of a marriage arranged by two ruthless uncles for inheritance reasons. The story unfolds between secrets and distances that hide a very strong and real love story.
  • Erkenci Kus – Day Dreamer: out in mid-June 2020 tells the love story between Can (played by Can Yaman) a photographer with a wild spirit who unexpectedly finds himself having to manage his father’s company and Sanem (played by Demet Ozdemir ), an aspiring writer who works in her own company. Between misunderstandings and a kiss given in the dark begins a compelling story among the best known in Turkey
  • Cherry Season: A series full of twists, set in the world of fashion and style. The female lead is the same as Bitter Sweet, Ozge Gurel.
  • Chilek Kokusu: “The scent of strawberries” is a series that always sees the beautiful Demet as its protagonist and which aired in 2015. You can see it in streaming on youtube.
  • Brave and Beautiful: one of the most famous of all in Turkey, it is also the one (among these on the list) with the most adrenaline. The genre is Thriller with a good dose of romance as there is a love story between the protagonists that is intertwined with power plays and a thirst for revenge for a murder.
  • Fazilet and her daughters – Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari – Drama series focusing on a mother and the problematic relationship with her two daughters
  • Mr Wrong – Lessons of Love Another Turkish series with Can Yaman shot in the summer of 2020, is a brilliant and romantic comedy starring an incurable rascal and an unfortunate girl in love.
  • La casa del fate Drama series that started from a psychologist’s book and deals with the dramatic life of a girl who tries to win a destiny written for her by the house where she was born. The protagonist is played by a masterful Demet Ozdemir
  • Love is in the Air is a brilliant romantic comedy series, with a great alchemy between the protagonists.
  • Ada Masali – Summer 2021 romantic series set on a spectacular island, achieved unexpected success in Turkey

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