Bobby O’Jay Net Worth – Will It Increase If His Wife Passes Away?

Most Asked Question 

If you’ve ever wondered about Bobby O’Jay’s net worth, you’re not alone. His career has spanned several decades and is still very active today. However, you may wonder if you should be jealous of his success. Read on to find out how much he’s worth and whether or not you should try to emulate him. In the meantime, you can check out his other projects to see if he’s worth a look.

Second Marriage Recently

Bobby O’ Jay married Kim in late May 2020. The couple was on the verge of celebrating their second anniversary together. OJay was often seen posting photos of his new bride on social media. Although he and Kim didn’t have any children together, he had many from other relationships. His net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million. And if you’re wondering what he used to do for a living, here’s what he was up to in his younger years.

His Career

Bobby O’Jay was famous for his work as a radio DJ in Memphis. Though he struggled with addictions, he was able to overcome his addictions and was inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame in July 2021. He has yet to hang up his microphone and has continued to be a staple of Memphis radio. His interviews included Muhammad Ali, Whitney Houston, Rufus Thomas, and the Temptations. If you’re wondering about Bobby O’Jay’s net worth, there’s more than likely a YouTube video or two on this person.

Unexpected Death 

Sadly, Bobby O’Jay passed away unexpectedly on May 3, 2022 at the age of 68. He had been the youngest of nine siblings, and began working in radio at the age of 30. While his net worth was estimated to be around $1 million, his death came before his show on that day, leaving behind a somber community. His funeral is expected to be attended by the family and the Memphis community.

Radio Career Legacy

His career in radio spanned 40 years. He had a morning show on WDIA in Memphis, and many listeners knew his voice. He was inducted into the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame in July, and his legacy will live on as an inspiration for many. The Memphis radio station has paid tribute to his legacy, as well. If you’ve ever listened to his radio show, you may be wondering how much he’s worth.

Interesting Facts 

Bobby O’Jay first wife was Sharon. The couple together welcomed 6 children but sadly Sharon died in 2017 and Bobby tied the knot with Kim Ojayrleda in 2020. 

Career Journey 

Joe Louis Jones is his real name. He started his career in 1972 in Montgomery. He got his dream job in 1983. He had millions of fan following due to his wonderful speaking skills. Mostly he speaks about his personal life and the topics which are close to people’s hearts that inspire his listeners. He was nominated for National Radio Hall of Fame. He spent decades in America’s first black radio station,WDIA. His career gave him the opportunity to interview some famous personalities.

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