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Brianne Aron


Brianne Aron is an American model who was born in Chicago. She has blonde hair and light brown eyes. Although she has been famous for her sexy looks, Aron has kept a low profile to enjoy her private life. She attends some events with her family, but keeps her personal life away from the media. She does not use social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which makes her very secretive.


Chris Sale and Brianne Aron are married. The couple met during their time at Florida Gulf Coast University. Although they were just friends at first, their relationship soon turned into a romantic one. They married on November 11, 2011 in Fort Myers, Florida. Chris Sale was a seven-time All-Star from 2012 to 2018 and is currently under contract with Boston until 2014.


Aron was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Florida Gulf Coast University. She is a model and a public relations major. She married Chris Sale in 2011 and they have two children together. Aron’s husband, Chris Sale, is a baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox. The couple had two children together: Ryan and Emily. They are currently in the process of settling down. The couple plans to have a baby boy named Dylan in 2017.

She Followed Her Passion

Before being cast in movies and TV shows, Aron worked as a Front Desk Clerk for Embassy Suites. In this role, she handled customer meetings and front desk duties. After two years in this job, she decided to shift her career to modeling. During this time, she realized that she loved the modeling industry and it was her passion. She has an amazing figure and has an ideal weight-to-height ratio. She is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 50 kg.

Net Worth

After gaining fame as a model, Brianne Aron decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. Her income from modelling is estimated to be around $35K per year. Aron and Chris Aron’s net worth together is approximately $30 million. The couple is currently looking forward to a long and happy life together. If you’re looking to make a living as a model, Brianne Aron is a great choice.

Happily Married

Despite having two children together, Brianne Aron’s personal life is pretty normal. She is happily married with her husband Chris Sale and they have two sons, Rylan Sale and Brayson. The couple has been married for eight years and has managed to stay out of any scandals that might affect their relationship. It is not surprising that they have a happy family. She shares her time between her husband and children, but she’s busy with other things, including her career.


Brianne Aron was born in August 1989 in Chicago, Illinois. She studied public relations and communication at Florida Gulf Coast University. She is 31 years old and stands 1.61 meters tall. She married Christopher Allen Sale in 2011 in Fort Myers, Florida and has one child, Ryan. They welcomed their second child, a baby girl, in December 2016.

Early Struggles 

Aron’s career has been quite varied. She has worked as a front desk clerk and character impersonator before making the decision to become a full-time model. She even started her modeling career after two years at the Embassy Suites Hotel. While working for the hotel, she started working as a model in the art industry. It’s not surprising that Aron has a diverse background. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University.


The baseball player Chris Sale is another source of Brianne Aaron’s net worth. The couple first met in college and began dating shortly afterward. After their relationship began, they tied the knot in November of 2011 in Fort Myers, Florida. The couple is the proud parents of three children, Rylan, Alex, and Lily. While their children are all grown up, their relationship is still very much alive and flourishing. She is an accomplished model and a successful athlete.

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