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If you are interested in the Net Worth of Bu Thiam, then you have come to the right place. There is a detailed biography of Bu Thiam that you can read. This will include his height, weight, and dating and relationship records. You can also find out how much he earns per year, as well as how many cars he owns. While we cannot know exactly how much he earns, we can get a good idea of his earnings.

Music Producer

Bu Thiam is a music producer who is based in New Jersey. He is the younger brother of Akon, and he is one of the most successful and influential people in the music industry. His net worth is estimated at several million dollars. The musician has worked with some major celebrities, such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga. He is also the founder of the Konvict Muzik organization. His wife is actress Tracee Ellis Ross, and they have two children.


The record producer is worth $10 million, according to Forbes. He reportedly had a relationship with Ariel Hakim in 2010, but it ended in a divorce because she was not satisfied with his earnings. The rumors are that Bu and Ariel are still dating and that the couple was separated in 2011. However, it is not known if they are still together. But it is believed that the marriage broke up after a year.


According to sources, Abou Thiam has a net worth of $52 million. His salary is more than USD 38,000 per month. He is also a VP for Def Jam Records. His father and brother are listed in Wikipedia. Besides his career, he is also active on social media. You can find him on Twitter as @bukonvict and Instagram as @_bu. Currently, he has over 54k followers on Twitter, while he has over 103k followers on Instagram.

CEO of Konvict Muzik

He is a co-CEO of Konvict Muzik, a record label he co-founded with his father. He also works as a manager for Akon and has an impressive track record of success as a music executive. He is involved in a few controversies, including a lawsuit that was filed after Akon revealed he was a phony artist.


His wealth comes from his successful music career. He has partnered with a number of celebrities, including Akon, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Joie Chavis. His impressive net worth is only topped by his countless achievements. The entertainment mogul’s relationship with Ariel Hakim is a big reason for the singer’s high-profile net worth.

Worked with Famous Artists

He has worked with many artists, including Jay-Z, Akon, and Xavier Samuel. His music career also includes work with famous musicians like Akon, Yeezy, and Kanye West. His music net worth is impressive, and his many accomplishments in the entertainment industry have helped him achieve success. If you are interested in knowing his net worth, then you should follow the links below.

Immense Following 

The net worth of Bu Thiam is estimated at a few million dollars. His father is a dancer and his mother is a professional singer. While his net wealth is modest, he is active in social media and is connected with many people. He is on Twitter @bukonvict and Instagram at _bu. He has 54k followers on Twitter, 103k on Instagram.


According to wiki, Bu’s net worth is estimated at $10 million by 2022. The artist is known for his diverse projects. In addition to being an influential figure in the music industry, he is also a well-known music producer. However, his success does not stop there. Abou Thiam is also a great father to his two daughters.

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