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Michael Donat is an actor who was born in Canada. He is the son of Michael and Traci Donat. His father, Michael, is also an actor, who played the role of Mark Thorn in the 1978 horror film Damien. The couple has two children, Chris and Caleb, who were born in 1986 and 2001. They were both raised in Toronto. Donat’s career began when he was just a teenager.

Caleb Donat studied drama at Yale University and later went on to work on television and film. He married Traci Wald, a singer and songwriter, and they have three children. The Donats have two sons, Lucas and Caleb. Donat also has a daughter, Traci, who was born in 1984. Donat was previously married to actress Helen Reddy. They divorced in 1991. The couple have three children.

Donat is an accomplished actor and director. He has a wide range of skills. In addition to his work on films, he has a background in video and motion design. His videos feature many memorable moments from his acting career. His voice talent makes him a popular choice for voicing important characters. While the actor is usually known as a comedian, Donat has a rich history as an actor. He is also an accomplished voice actor and has performed in a number of stage productions, including Shakespeare and The Crucible.

Donat is best known for his roles as an actor. He studied drama at Yale University and is married to actress Traci Wald Donat. He has three children. Donat’s voice work is impressive. He also narrates the biographical film Joseph Campbell. The film is a tribute to Campbell’s work and his brilliance as a scholar. Donat’s acting career spans the decades, but he has been busy since the 1980s.

Donat was married to actress Michael Learned for eight years. They had three children together. Donat’s career in the advertising industry began in the late 1990s. He worked for many big companies. Donat’s father was a TV producer, and his mother worked in the advertising industry. Donat’s mother was an actress, and Donat’s stepfather is a writer. Neither of them is an actor, but they were both successful at their jobs.

Donat has been married to actress Traci Wald for three decades. They have three children. Donat and Learned have one daughter, Lucas, who was born in 1962. Donat was an actor, and he also wrote a number of screenplays. He is a popular writer, and his biographical film “Carol Campbell: A Life of a Poet” is a best-selling novel by Caleb Donat.

Donat was married to actress Michael Learned for eight years. They had three children. Donat was a successful actor and filmmaker. In the 1970s, Donat made commercials for eHarmony. He also had a successful career in television, and worked in commercials. His wife was an actress and a writer. He was a frequent guest on a variety of television shows. If you are a fan of the film, check it out!

Donat was married to actress Traci Wald for three years. The couple had three children. Donat’s family life was very happy. He was also an entrepreneur, who founded Donat/Wald Co., which was responsible for many of the eHarmony commercials. He and Traci were married in 1984. Donat has three children with his wife, Helen Reddy. The couple is a proud parent.

Donat’s first movie was “Saving Mr. Smith.” He starred as a teenage orphan in the horror film Damien: Omen II. He was also an entrepreneur, who founded a company called Donat/Wald Co. The company was responsible for the commercials for eHarmony. The actor married Traci Wald in 1984. The actress is the stepdaughter of Jeff Wald and Helen Reddy.

He is a Canadian actor and former model. He was in the film Omen: Damien in 1978. Now, he is the Chief Brand Officer of TrueCar, a publicly traded company. Donat lives with Traci Wald Donat in Malibu. He is married to Traci Wald Donat, an American television director. The couple has three children, Chris, and Caleb. They are both successful and are a couple.

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