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Calvin Harris: The Net Worth of the Richest DJ

How rich is Calvin Harris?

The Scot Calvin Harris also proves that Europeans are way ahead in the international DJ scene. In 2017, the superstar was finally named Highest Paid DJ of the Year by Forbes Magazine. The artist earned more than 55 million euros in fees in his successful year. With his electronic dance music, Calvin Harris has already become a multimillionaire who moves in extremely illustrious circles. After all, the songwriter and singer has been in a relationship with pop stars Rita Ora and Taylor Swift in the past. Incidentally, he owes his discovery to the MySpace platform. Harris has long been number 1 among the richest DJs. The cherished Calvin Harris’ net worth is 215 million euros.

A steep career upwards – the richest DJ in the world

Calvin Harris's Income
From winning the Grammy Awards to two MTV Video Music Awards, the producer takes home one award at a time. Also the DJ is in demand as an advertising star, whereby sometimes only his songs are used and he is not always necessarily to be seen in the advertising productions. Whether Apple, Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Sol Republic, these companies have already paid pretty sums of money to work with the Disc Jockey.

That Calvin Harris is the internet platform MySpace for its breakthrough was able to use, saved him from a far poorer and much more monotonous life. After his first attempt at a music career in London failed and Harris moved back to his parents’ house, he worked in both a supermarket and a fish factory. It was a stroke of luck that a talent scout who worked for the EMI label became aware of the Scotsman. Just a week later, Calvin Harris, who had wanted to earn a living with music at a young age, had a contract with a big label in his pocket.

Calvin Harris – in a league of its own

The Calvin Harris Fortune
After the DJ had released his first album, he was allowed to go on tour with Faithless and Groove Armada to promote his songs. This should also have contributed to the fact that the artist’s record quickly achieved gold status in England. Even for Kylie Minogue did Harris already wrote songs. His second album immediately brought him to pole position in the UK charts. Whether songs by Shakira, Katy Perry or Mika, remixes like these have helped the Scot to build an even larger fan base.

The career of the most successful DJs of all time already one or the other controversy with itself. After all, Harris accused Chris Brown that one of his songs was a plagiarism of “I’m Not Alone”. Also the scene in which Calvin simply stormed onto the stage on the TV show “The X Factor” when Jedward, a music duo from Ireland who also took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf in 2011, appeared caused a sensation. In the same year, the star was able to draw attention to himself through his joint tour with Rihanna. We can be curious to see which beauties Calvin will surround himself with in the future and then make the headlines. In any case, there was a real crash with his ex-model girlfriend Aarika Wolf in a car accident in Beverly Hills. We can also look forward to new songs by Calvin Harris that are sure to storm the charts again.

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