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Cam Newton: Net Worth and Salary as a Panthers Quarterback

How much money does Cam Newton earn?

Cam Newton Salary Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He was supposed to lead his Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl 50 title in February 2016, but the Denver Broncos had something against it, so he still lacks a Super Bowl ring. His ongoing record hunt and the records he has already set are truly impressive. Because Cam was only the third NFL player to be the first NFL draft pick within a year to take home the Heisman Trophy and also become a national champion. Today he is one of the top earners in the NFL with his salary. Before the 2021 season, Cam was fired from the New England Patriots and returned to his old club, the Panthers, mid-season.

Already in his rookie season (2011) he was able to break some rookie and all-time NFL records for passing and rushing yards. The Carolina Panthers will certainly not have regretted having one with their star quarterback Negotiated a contract extension (until 2020) valued at 100 million US dollars, of which 60 million US dollars are guaranteed. Although this is rather untypical for a quarterback, Cameron was also able to set a new record with 14 own touchdowns in one season and has therefore arrived in the A-League of the NFL. Currently the quarterback owns one Assets of around 60 million euros, which will increase significantly in the next few years.

Cam Newton and the $ 100 million Carolina Panthers deal

Although Cam Newton has been harshly criticized as the Panthers quarterback in the past, the fact that his team simply plays much better with him than without him cannot be dismissed out of hand. The Panthers management team probably saw it that way when Cam Newton introduced it in June 2015 Offered a contract extension worth $ 103.8 million. Newton was certainly entitled to 60 million US dollars, whereby the quarterback is one of the big earners with big advertising deals and thus justifies his gigantic fortune.

College: From Auburn to the Carolina Panthers and a Millionaire Fortune

Cam Newton fortune
Cameron has had an impressive career since joining the NFL in 2011. Back then, the Panthers had chosen the smart quarterback as their number one draft pick. As a Georgia-born southerner, Cam didn’t travel too far from home. Although in 2007 and 2008 in six games for the Florida Gators accrued as a quarterback, the NFL only noticed him during his time with the Auburn Tigers. Indeed, his college career has been tumultuous. After an injury, he could no longer play for the Gators and was even expelled from the team due to a notebook theft, whereupon he ended up in Brenham, Texas, before finally ending up in Auburn in September 2010. Just a year before joining the NFL, this move turned out to be a real boon for the talented quarterback. With his new team, Cameron immediately won the SEC title and was then named best college football player in his senior year of college.

As the number 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, he immediately received a $ 14.5 million signature bonus from the Carolina Panthers. The rookie NFL contract runs for 4 years with a “mediocre” salary. However, this contract was extended in June 2015 due to outstanding performance, so that Cam Newton should also be indispensable for the Panthers’ starting line-up in the future. The salaries, of course, over the top!

Although his career has been impressive enough so far, the smart quarterback from Georgia is dying for the SuperBowl title. In the 2015 season the Panthers were close to it, only Peyton Manning, QB of the Denver Broncos, objected in his last game. In Super Bowl 50, the Panthers lost to the Broncos and the big dream of the ring was over for the time being. In the following seasons, apart from the 2017 wildcard round, it was not enough for the playoffs. That was also due to the many injuries and failures of the superstar.

NFL contract and salary with the Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton was among the top earners in the NFL. As already mentioned, his last Panthers contract would have run through 2020 and Cam would have been a free agent from 2021. Due to the contract termination of the Panthers in March 2020, he was already a season early to sign him for the New England Patriots as Brady replacement. His base salary was only at the NFL minimum of $ 1.05 million, and he could earn up to $ 7.5 million with bonuses. Cam received $ 700,000 for every game he was on the Patriots’ squad.

Just before the 2021 season, the quarterback was fired by the Patriots and rejoined the Carolina Panthers in early November. It remains to be seen whether the contract will be extended.

Cam Newton’s NFL Salaries:

year team salary bonus total
2011 Panthers $ 375,000 $ 14,518,544 $ 14,893,544
2012 Panthers $ 1,376,159 $ 1,376,159
2013 Panthers $ 2,377,318 $ 2,377,318
2014 Panthers $ 3,378,477 $ 3,378,477
2015 Panthers $ 1,000,000 $ 23,000,000 $ 24,000,000
2016 Panthers $ 13,000,000 $ 7,000,000 $ 20,000,000
2017 Panthers $ 13,166,666 $ 10,500,000 $ 23,666,666
2018 Panthers $ 14,500,000 $ 500,000 $ 15,000,000
2019 Panthers $ 16,200,000 $ 501,357 $ 16,701,357
2020 Patriots $ 1,050,000 $ 3,001,550 $ 4,051,550
2021 Panthers $ 4,500,000 ? $ 4,500,000
Total until 2021 $ 129,945,071

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