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Campino (Die Toten Hosen): The Singer’s Fortune

How much money does Campino have?

Campino is one of the great personalities in the German music business. So it’s no wonder that the man, whose real name is actually Andreas Frege, has already amassed a large fortune. He has earned his bread not only as a singer and songwriter. Rather, he has already appeared as an actor on TV, on the big screen and on the theater stage. Campino has become a person with a large media presence mainly because he accepted many invitations to talk shows and other TV formats at an early age. The cherished Campino’s net worth is 25 million euros.

Interesting details

Campino income
However, Campino no longer wants to present itself quite so publicly. Therefore, he keeps many details about his private life top secret. You know that the Musician is in a relationship with his dream woman. However, it is not known who this mysterious dream woman, who also comes from Düsseldorf, is. Campino, who is quite politically active, has also made an appearance as a journalist. In 1994 the singer had the pleasure of interviewing the then youth minister. It was none other than the future Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

The interview was printed in the Spiegel, while Campino was allowed to interview Paul McCartney himself for the magazine “Stern”. That Campino a multi-talented artist is, the Düsseldorf has already been able to prove in a production of Bertolt Brecht’s “Threepenny Opera”. The fact that the singer, who is more punky and rocky, was allowed to take an ECHO Klassik home with him no longer surprises anyone. As part of an election by ZDF in 2003, the artist was named one of the 100 greatest Germans. After all, it reached number 65.

About the life of Campino

Fortune of Die Toten Hosen
Andreas Frege was raised bilingually by his English mother, who studied at Oxford University but later became a housewife. His father was a judge. In total, he grew up with five siblings. His brother, who was twelve years older than him, was responsible for ensuring that Campino came into contact with punk rock for the first time. Andreas Frege already had the nickname “Campino” at high school. This was on a funny candy fight in the Düsseldorf school traced back. The singer stayed there twice. What may seem like a great misfortune from the outside, in retrospect was more of a lucky coincidence. Because that’s how it happened that Campino and Michael Breitkopf, who was two years younger, ended up in the same class. the So two of the founding members of the pants got to know each other at school.

After both graduating from high school in 1983, they went to the federal government together. After their conscientious objection was recognized, they then did community service together. the Founding of the Toten Hosen was done shortly after graduating from high school, although it would take a while before the punk rock band got to the top. With the title “Hier geht Alex” the band really got off to a flying start in 1988 and has since secured several number 1 positions in the German charts.

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