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canyon grey felton

Canyon Grey Felton is a nine-year-old celebrity child. He is the son of Jeremih Felton and Rachel Leigh. The couple had a brief relationship in the early 2010s. They were not married, but they had a child together, Canyon. The two separated when Canyon was just three months old. The couple then had a lengthy custody battle that ended in the adoption of Canyon. Regardless of what the fate of his father’s new baby’s parents may be, there’s no doubt that the star is enjoying the attention of the public.

Felton was raised by his mother and father. His father is a successful R&B artist, and he later worked with Mick Schultz on a song called “My Ride.” The couple divorced in 2012 and Canyon grew up in the shadow of his father’s fame. His parents did not have a great relationship, and their relationship resulted in numerous legal battles over the child’s custody. In July 2012, Canyon’s parents decided to divorce, and his mother and father have since made peace with the separation. After the split, Felton released his debut single, “Birthday Sex,” which peaked at number four on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. A year later, his self-titled album was released. This album sold 59,000 copies in its first week.

The son of Jeremih Felton Canyon Grey Felton was born on July 4, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois. He is nine years old and is a member of the hip-hop community. His father is an R&B artist and record producer Jeremih Felton. Upon gaining prominence with his debut single, “Birthday Sex,” the song reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. After a series of successful singles, the young singer also won four Grammy Awards.

Canyon Grey Felton was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Jeremih Felton, an American rapper and R&B singer. He has also received numerous awards, including a Grammy. However, his father is not known for being particularly religious. Hence, Canyon Grey Felton has no official website, but he is active on social media. He is also a member of Instagram and Twitter. There are no official social media accounts for Canyon Grey, but you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Jeremih Felton’s daughter Canyon Grey Felton is an R&B singer and songwriter. Her mother, Jeremih Felton, is the youngest daughter of musician Jeremih Felton. She has a brother named Mason, and their father, Jeremih, is a former partner of the rapper. They have been married since 2012. The father of Canyon Grey is a rapper named Tacoma Simmons.

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