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carey st hilaire

Thomas began dating Carey St. Hilaire in October 2016. The pair announced their engagement in November 2017 and were expecting a baby in March 2018. They welcomed their son Aiden St. Hilaire on March 7, 2018 and got engaged on April 23, 2018. In 2018, Thomas and St. HIlaire tied the knot. Both are from New York City. Their romance has been rock solid for several years and is known to be a happy one for both of them.

Despite their divorce, Thomas and St. Hilaire found a newfound love and hope after joining “Married Boot Camp: Reality Stars”. Initially, they had lost hope, but later returned to the show to try to save their relationship. After their separation, the couple worked on their careers and found love again. In October 2017, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child, a son named Aiden. In October 2018, Thomas and St. Hilaire announced the birth of their son. After having their son, the couple got engaged.

During their stay at Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Thomas and St. Hilaire were reunited and rekindled their romance. However, after the divorce, both lost hope and their relationship. After the show, the couple moved on with their lives. In October 2017, the couple announced the birth of their son Aiden. In March 2018, the couple reconnected with each other on Instagram and got engaged.

After their split, Thomas and St. Hilaire reunited and found renewed hope. They joined “Married Boot Camp: Reality Stars” and began a new life together. Though they had lost hope in their marriage, they continued to fight for each other. In September 2017, they announced their pregnancy on Instagram and announced the birth of their son, Aiden. Afterwards, the couple decided to get married.

After the breakup, Thomas and St. Hilaire found a newfound love. After their divorce, they went on to work on their careers. During their time on the show, they began dating. In October 2017, they announced their pregnancy via Instagram. After the birth of Aiden, the couple got engaged. The couple married in August 2017. The couple’s son was born in September 2017. In the following months, they found love again.

Despite the split, St. Hilaire and Thomas have remained close. In October 2017, they announced they were pregnant with their son Aiden. In November, the couple got engaged and announced their daughter was due in February. The baby is their first child together. The couple married in September 2017. They have been separated for nearly two years and are now working on their careers. After their engagement, Thomas remained single and focused on his career.

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