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Carol and her husband Bill Ochsner have welcomed twins – Cameron and Tyler – into the world. Each year, they fund a different cause, a charity or a cause close to their hearts. They were joined in their efforts by their children, who were born on August 21, 1981 in Southampton, New York. The Winklevoss twins were originally named as such because of their parents’ friendship.

Carol Winklevoss is an American entrepreneur. She is also the founder of the Winklevoss Capital Management company. She married Howard Winklevoss, an actuarial science professor at the University of Pennsylvania, in 1980. The two were married in 1982 and were soon welcomed into the world as brothers. The twins, Cameron and Tyler, were born in Southampton, New York, and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Carol and Howard Winklevoss were first introduced to each other when they met in the 1970s while returning home from Saugatuck, Michigan. The Winklevoss couple were assessing the damage at the rowing club. As Winklevoss crossed Post Road, he was faced with a tornado-like scene. The Winklevosses parked their car and walked the two-mile path home. After the wind-swept roads, they had only about a hundred yards to go before they stopped. In the midst of this, Ochsners offered to drive the couple home and they stayed with them.

Carol and Howard Winklevoss welcomed twin boys in 1981. They were actuarial scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. They later founded Winklevoss Consultants and Technologies, which are involved in a variety of industries. Both boys are named Cameron and Tyler. They were born in Southampton, New York, and Greenwich, Connecticut, respectively. And they were named Tyler and Cameron. They later adopted their brother Tyler.

Carol and Howard Winklevoss welcomed twin sons, Cameron and Tyler. In the same year, the couple founded the firms Winklevoss Technologies and Winklevoss Consultants. In addition to their twin sons, the Winklevoss twins are also the founders of two other successful businesses. Their father, Howard, was a professor at the Wharton School of Business and the other entrepreneur, a professor of actuarial science.

The Winklevoss twins’ first child, Cameron, was born in Southampton, New York. His mother, Carol Winklevoss, who was an actuarial scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, gave him the names of Cameron and Tyler. His twin brother, Tyler, was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. Both parents are now millionaires. They have a combined net worth of around $1.6 billion.

Carol Winklevoss was a lawyer and a actuary. She was the widow of Tyler Winklevoss, who was a successful entrepreneur. She had more than forty years of experience in the financial industry. She was the first woman to make millions through a social-networked investment. She was a good friend of her husband’s colleagues. She worked with them on several projects, including the launch of the Greenwich Rowing Club.

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