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During his TV career, Casey Deidrick has been linked to three women. He was first linked to Molly Burnett in 2009, and the two dated for a year. However, their relationship came to an end without a definitive reason. As of this writing, it is not known if Casey has been dating anyone else since the breakup. The star is still single, but has been linked to other women in the past.

Last Relationship 

Deidrick  had three previous relationships. His first relationship was with Kate Mansi, while his second relationship was with Molly Burnett. They were together for a year and a half, and were married in 2011. In 2013, they began dating Jahan Yousaf. Although they have not been engaged, they have remained close since then.

Currently Single

As of 2019, there is no information about a third woman. However, there is a very good chance that Casey Deidrick is still single . Last two relationships ended in 2011, and Deidrick has not publicly mentioned them since. Casey Deidrick’s net worth is between $2 million and $10 million. She has a good salary and is one of the wealthiest actors in the United States.

Casey’s Career

Casey’s career is constantly evolving, and his personal life is no exception. In addition to acting, he has also worked in film and television. In recent years, he has starred in the crime comedy “In the Dark” directed by Corinne Kingsbury, and starred opposite Vanessa Hudgens. In addition to acting, Casey has also produced the 2009 short film “Settle,” and has worked as a visual effects production assistant on two episodes of the horror comedy “I Am Not a Hipster.”

Singing Interests 

Deidrick is not married, but he is currently in a relationship with a singer and DJ. He played Chad DiMera on Days of Our Lives and had a successful career in television. In addition to acting, Deidrick is also known for his music. He is known to sing heavy metal and rock, and recently starred in the movie “In The Dark.” As with any celebrity, Casey Deidrick’s relationship with Jahan Yousaf is based on their mutual friendship.


Casey’s hobbies and interests include practicing martial arts, surfing, and snowboarding. He has a dog named Nanuk, and also plays various sports with friends. He has also traveled across many US states, Europe, and Asia. His favorite movies include “The Terminal” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” She has black hair and weighs 195 pounds.

Net Worth

Casey Deidrick’s net worth is estimated at $61 million as of 2020. Her income has increased, but she prefers a modest lifestyle. She has never had any reported illnesses in recent years. She lives with her mom in Colorado. They have two sons and a daughter. Casey’s parents split when he was a kid, and they have four younger half-siblings.

Parents Divorce

Casey Deidrick is a Christian and an American. he was born on April 25, 1987 in Santa Clara, California. His parents divorced when he was three, and he spent his formative years with his four half-siblings. His father was an electrician, and his mother was a nurse. They later moved to Denver, where Deidrick attended MS University. After a serious skating accident, he began focusing on acting. He auditioned for a role in the film Carousel.

Not Married

Despite being a star in the entertainment industry, Casey Deidrick has not been married to a woman in the public yet. Initially, she made her career as a heavy metal singer and actress. She then moved on to a more serious role as an actress. In September 2014, Deidrick landed the role of Tommy in MTV’s thriller series Eye Candy. She was also cast in the MTV teen drama Teen Wolf in July 2017.

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