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CAthleen Houff Jordan


According to court records, Cathleen Houff Jordan was married to Steve Bannon in the 1980s. Stephen Kevin Bannon is an American media executive, political strategist, and former investment banker. He served as the White House’s chief strategist in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump.They divorced a few years later, before Bannon met Piccard. She is not a member of the Bannon political network and is not associated with her first husband. The reason for her divorce has not yet been disclosed, but it appears she had an affair. The marriage was reportedly not amicable, and Bannon has denied having affairs.

His Journey

Bannon was an officer in the United States Navy for seven years in the late 1970s. In the 1980s, after his military service, he worked for two years as an investment banker. In 1993, he became acting director of the research project Biosphere 2. He became an executive producer in Hollywood, producing 18 films between 1991 and 2016.


Cathleen Houff Jordan is a former member of the Trump campaign who has been in recovery from drug addiction for several years. The couple’s first child, a daughter, was born after their divorce. Their second child was born two years after the divorce. The couple divorced in 2009. The reason for their split was unclear. They were separated in 2008 and had a child in 2011. However, Cathleen Houff Jordan had a difficult time overcoming her problems with drugs and alcohol.

Twin Daughters

The divorce took place in 2009. The pair were married in 1995. They had one daughter, Cathleen Suzanne Houff Jordan, in 1997. She had twin daughters with her second wife, Mary Louise Piccard, in 2009. Both divorced in 2009, making their children look much older than they are. But, the rumors that surrounded Cathleen Houff Jordan’s marriage have been unfounded.

A Daughter

In 1988, Steve and Diane Houff were married. They were separated and divorced in 2009. In 2007, Bannon had a daughter named Clohesy. Later, the couple divorced. The case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence and that neither of them were a suspect. They had a daughter, who was five at the time of their marriage. They had a son in 2000. 


In 2009, Steve Bannon and his wife Cathleen Houff Jordan divorced. The two were married three times, and have three daughters. The first wife, Cathleen Houff Jordan, is the mother of one daughter. The second woman, Mary Louise Piccard, is the mother of twins. The former couple had four children. The third spouse, Diane Clohesy, a former college professor, fought back against the accusations by her sister.


The president’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was convicted of three homicides. He was charged with driving recklessly and causing death. The White House has accused both women of assault. After a wrongful arrest, the pair divorced. They are now separated. If you’re looking for a long-term partner, don’t worry about the consequences.


Bannon often describes himself as an economic nationalist, criticizing crony capitalists.He also generally considers himself a free-market capitalist.

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