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Cathy Nguyen is an American actress and YouTuber. While she is best known for her appearances in films and on television, she started posting videos on YouTube in the early 2000s. Since 2007, her popularity on the video-sharing website has skyrocketed. Cathy was born in California and grew up in Monterey Park. In June 2015, she married her longtime boyfriend, Michael Banaag.


While in her early twenties, she worked as a radiologic technologist. Later, she moved to Chino, California, and became famous. Her youtube channel has a large number of subscribers.

Dated Before Marrying 

Cathy Nguyen was born on November 12, 1987 in California. She is a successful YouTube personality who married Michael Banaag in 2015. The couple had been dating for several years before deciding to tie the knot. Their wedding was documented in a wedding film by Justin Element Productions. The couple has been together for six years. They have one daughter, Isa Renee.

Husband Introduction 

Cathy Nguyen’s husband is Michael Banaag, an American business executive. Born in 1984, Banaag is 37 years old and earned a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Pennsylvania in California. He is a successful businessman and has a net worth of $1.5 million.


As of October 2018, the couple has a daughter, Isa Renee. The daughter shares a common interest in yoga and shopping. She also enjoys baking with her mother. The couple rarely post pictures of their son or daughter on social media. The absence of a husband from her Instagram account has left many fans wondering if they’re still together. However, Cathy Nguyen has not made an official announcement about the separation and has not yet made any announcements.

Net Worth 

Cathy Nguyen’s net worth has been estimated at $2 million to $4 million. She earns a significant portion of her income from the videos she uploads on her YouTube channel. As a result, it is difficult to determine how much she makes each day. She is widely known for her positive attitude and empowering positive messages about life.

Social Media Influencer 

In addition to her Youtube channel, Cath Nguyen is a social media influencer. Her recent Instagram post has caused quite a stir among fans. She has never mentioned Michael Banaag in her social media posts, despite the fact that he is her husband.

Rumored Divorce

The couple married in private on October 8, 2019. They have a daughter together named Isa Renee. She is an avid Will Smith fan and likes Italian cuisine. They also enjoy traveling and swimming. Cathy Nguyen’s husband has yet to issue an official statement about the relationship. It is a rumor that the couple will divorce. But, there is no evidence of a breakup.

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