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Charles Herbster Net Worth


Charles Herbster is an American rancher, farmer, and advocate. He started his career as a young boy, working on his family’s land in Richardson county. Today, he is president and CEO of Herbster Angus Farms and Carico Farms, and supports farmers and ranchers in Nebraska and the Midwest. His net worth is currently in the millions of dollars. In addition, he supports the education of youth.

Negative Publicity

Charles Herbster is a politician who is running for Governor of Nebraska under the Trump administration. During the election, Herbster has received a lot of negative publicity. Sexual misconduct allegations have made him a controversial figure in politics. He was accused by former Sen. Julie Slama of sexual misconduct. Herbster was married to Judy Ann Herbster in 1982. Their wedding took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Herbster’s net worth is in the millions of dollars.


The family business is the foundation of Herbster’s net worth. Herbster owns Carico Farms and Herbster Angus Farms, as well as Herbster Angus Company.Charles Herbster has a wide-ranging net worth that reflects his many interests. He owns Herbster Angus Farms in Falls City, Missouri, and Conklin Co., a multi-level marketing company. Herbster has recently acquired North American Breeders, a cattle-breeding business in Berryville, Virginia. He has a diverse range of assets and is active in Republican politics. He is the National Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee for President Donald Trump. Herbster also serves on the board of the American Angus Association and is an active member of many industry associations. Herbster has a vast portfolio of assets, including a ranch in Nebraska and a golf course in Florida.

Tax payment 

In other states, Herbster has paid late property taxes for years. He nearly lost two properties in Colorado for being years late on 2008 property taxes. A buyer at a tax sale discovered unfinished paperwork, which allowed Herbster to keep both properties. Herbster’s 11th-floor condo in Colorado, which is owned by his family, was never taxed. However, Conklin, his most prominent company, pays its taxes on time.

Start of Fame

Herbster began his career by helping his grandmother run the family farm, but in the early 80s, he stepped into leadership and bought 52% of the Conklin family. Herbster’s wife Judy has helped him build the business together.

Net Worth

Herbster’s net worth is estimated at about $5 million. He is currently running for the governorship of Nebraska. In addition to being an agribusiness executive, Herbster also runs for governor of Nebraska.  Herbster has also been a U.S. government nominee and a candidate for governor. If you’re interested in learning more about Charles Herbster, be sure to follow his website and his Facebook page for updates.


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