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Charlie Moonves


Charlie Moonves is the son of Les and Julie Moonves, who were both multimillionaires. Their net worth combined is over $700 million, and they live in a $10,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion. Charlie Moonves enjoys playing soccer, and he and his mother share a net worth of $16 million. Charlie Moonves is too young to be compensated for his father’s wealth, so his father rents out the mansion they used to live in for $60k a month.

Not Disclose Biography

Charlie Moonves was born on 24th September in the United States. He celebrates his birthday every year on this day. His height is considered average, although he looks much taller in photos. However, he has not revealed his exact height or body measurements. You may be interested in knowing the height of Charlie Moonves and his body measurements. Read on to learn more about the executive’s

Separated Family

Leslie Moonves’ first marriage ended in divorce. She and Leslie got married in December 1978 and they have three children together. Sara Moonves was born in 1984, and Michael and Adam were born two years later. However, the couple did not consider their marriage or their children top priorities. They separated in 2003 and Julie filed for divorce. Leslie and Nancy share one daughter, Sara, who is now a successful actress and an award-winning producer.

Early Struggles

Before becoming a TV executive, Moonves worked as a reporter for CBS’ Sunday Morning news program. In this capacity, he covered the lives of celebrities such as Paula Abdul and Jamie Lee Curtis. Moonves was also a television personality, reporting on television shows and films and analyzing the industry. He also took charge of a number of mini-series and movies and served as its president from 1990 to 1993.

Family Background 

Leslie Moonves, Charlie Moonves’ father, was a famous media executive. Leslie Moonves started his career in 1979 with a production company owned by Columbia Pictures. After several years, he moved on to work for Warner Bros. He eventually became the president of CBS Television. Julie Chen, Moonves’ mother, is a producer for CBS. The Moonves family is a proud and supportive family.


Julie Chen Moonves, Charlie Moonves’ mother, is a CBS producer who hosted reality TV show “Big Brother” for two decades. Julie Moonves also served as co-host and moderator on the CBS talk show “The Discussion.” Charlie Moonves is too young to date, but his parents have been married since 1978. Charlie’s mother, Julie Moonves, is a loving mother.


Julie shared photos of Charlie with fans on her Instagram page. One photo shows her holding a potato smasher and another shows her hugging her grandmother on Mother’s Day. The picture of Charlie and his grandmother is priceless and fans noted that it was a truly priceless moment. Charlie is the best at what he does, so it is no surprise that Julie shares photos of him on her social media pages. In addition to revealing the personal details of his life, Julie also shares some fun pictures of Charlie with her followers.

Father’s Net Worth 

Les Moonves earned more than $700 million as a media mogul. In 2012 and 2013, he was the highest-paid director in the world and received a severance package worth over $240 million. The former CBS News CEO’s net worth is estimated at over US$800 million. Moonves and his wife donated $20 million to various #metoo organizations. The remaining $160 million he received as a salary from CBS remains unpaid.


Les Moonves is currently facing sexual assault allegations. Moonves was a prominent member of the media world for nearly four decades, but was forced to resign due to the scandals. The two married on Christmas Eve 2004. She has supported him through the scandals and has given birth to his only child, a son, in September 2009.

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