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chiquis and angel del villar

Chiquis Rivera and Angel del Villar dated for two years. While the pair were considered a power couple at the time of their breakup, it was not until 2015 that Chiquis revealed more about her relationship with Angel. She admitted that she had fallen in love with the singer during her father’s day in 2012. They remained quiet about their relationship for the next two years until Lorenzo broke his silence and claimed that the couple argued too much. In late June 2018, they met Emilio Sanchez, a famous photographer, and the two started dating. They later got back together in March 2021.

After a year of dating, Chiquis decided to get married to her boyfriend, Madrid del Villar. They were married in 2015, and they became engaged in November of the same year. In February 2020, the couple got engaged. The two celebrated their nuptials in a romantic ceremony in their hometown of Mexico City. In July of that same month, they welcomed their daughter, Angela.

When Angel and Chiquis were dating, Chiquis became very popular after her single, “Paloma Blanc.” They even planned to marry in 2016. However, their relationship remained secret for two years after Jenni Rivera’s death. The relationship ended after Jenni’s death. Although Angel was still dating Cheli, she made no attempt to hide his identity. After Jenni’s passing, they were finally married in Newport Beach, California.

The couple got married in the year of 2014, and in the same year, Chiquis announced that she was expecting a baby. The couple set up an Instagram account for the newborn and showed the two in a hospital bed with the baby’s father. The two kissed one another’s cheeks. The relationship was rumored to have lasted until May 2020. The wedding took place in the summer of 2020 and Chiquis is now pregnant again.

The couple had a daughter in October 2018. They had a very intimate wedding and had a baby girl a few months after their wedding. In a book published by DEL Records, they also announced that they are expecting a baby girl. The baby’s parents are a couple who are in love. During this time, the relationship was still secret but they have since divorced. Despite the scandal, both of them are still in a happy relationship and have made plans to start a family.

Despite the scandals surrounding the couple’s relationship, the singer and Angel del Villar were never in a relationship. Their relationship was a sentimental one, but their relationship was later broken. Their marriage was in February 2016, and they have a son. Amid the scandal, Chiquis’s upcoming book release will be released on May 31. They both are happy and have a child.

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