Clifton Powell Jr. and Sasha Obama Net Worth


The relationship between Clifton Powell Jr. and Sasha Obama has gained attention from the media. The former First Lady of the United States talked about the relationship between the two on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. While she was a guest, she did not reveal the exact amount of their net worth. Nonetheless, she did share some details about her daughter’s relationship with Powell Jr.

Currently In University 

Sasha Obama is currently attending the University of Southern California. Her mother Michelle Obama confirmed on April 20 that Sasha is dating a Harvard graduate, who is also a businessman. Interestingly, the two seem to be on good terms. On top of that, the pair was photographed on a romantic outing. In addition, Sasha’s older sister was dating Harvard graduate Rory Farquharson, which has also fueled the gossip mill.

Both Meet in University 

Sasha Obama met Powell Jr. in college, when she was applying to the University of Southern California. Clifton Powell Jr. was attending the University of Michigan. The two were photographed together in April. It is unclear if the pair met or were just dating. However, their relationship has long-term potential.

Recent Meeting 

Sasha Powell was born in 1997. Her parents met in college after Sasha had transferred to USC. She had previously studied at the University of Michigan for two years. After a year, Powell Jr. and Sasha reunited this week in the public eye. Both were smiling and wearing casual clothing. Sasha also wore Birkenstock shoes.

Net Worth 

The former first daughter Sasha Obama and Clifton Powell Jr. are currently dating. Although the relationship is not confirmed, the couple has a net worth of $5 million each. They enjoy a lavish lifestyle. So, if you want to know more about Clifton Powell Jr.’s net worth, check out his biography on Forbes! There are plenty of sources for your next relationship.


In addition to playing important roles in politics, Sasha Obama is also a successful actor, writer, and director. He followed in his father’s footsteps by writing screenplays and even started his own television space. He also developed a passion for directing. After receiving a few TV roles, Clifton Powell Jr. was thrown into the fire and emerged a stronger man after each production.

Dropped Out

A native of California, Clifton Powell Jr. attended the University of California, Santa Barbara but later dropped out to focus on his career in films. His professional site uses the pen name Cliff L. Powell, and he has since used this pen name. Powell went from college to working in the film industry, earning a writing assistant job. The young man is now developing his own television deal.

Public Relationship 

While Clifton Powell Jr. has not married yet, his relationship with Sasha Obama is still very public. He is often photographed with Sasha Obama and it is clear they have chemistry on and off-screen. Their relationship has earned them both millions of dollars. In addition to working on the Obamas’ campaigns, Clifton Powell Jr. has a Twitter account, where he uses the avatar Lifeissuccess. The account was joined in November 2011 and has 1.3k followers. Powell has also posted a link to his website on Twitter.

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