Coinmooner Platform Review | About Coinmooner Crypto Ranking

Coinmooner Platform Overview

CoinMooner is a custom-designed portal that was launched in 2021. This is a kind of token listings platform, which is designed to update the cryptocurrency. Read this review to find out all about the most useful features and the list of coins of this service.

What Is The Coinmooner Platform

CoinMooner is a token listing portal that has been running for over a year now. The developers of CoinMooner state that the main goal of the team is the actualization of cryptocurrencies and their distribution to a larger audience.

This platform is particularly easy to use.  CoinMooner allows you to use a huge number of innovative characteristics, games, coins, and crypto ranking, which are based on the blockchain.

About Coinmooner Crypto Ranking

CoinMooner entered the market as a new token listing platform. However, their popularity and a huge audience of more than 10,000 customers per day have been due to their innovative approach and customer focus.

Tracking coins on the site gives you a solid idea of how to display current market views. With CoinMooner, you can observe interesting statistics and crypto ranking on the list of coins, presented in a clear and user-friendly way. CoinMooner is a real site to see how whales are investing!

How To Add A Coin

On the CoinMooner platform, each client can add their own token lists. To do this, you need to enter information about your token, its name, symbol, release date, and official price and undergo a KYC procedure. Also, the service may require you to enter your social networks, as well as accounts for tokens.

Promoting A Project

After you have completed the registration of your coin, you can begin the process of promoting and distributing it through this platform. CoinMooner makes it possible to promote the token using special advertising in the crypto tracker, on banners, and on other advertising components of the project.

Each client can increase the cryptocurrency ranking of the coin, for this, it is necessary to make a deposit for a tech audit. This will enable the smart contract of your token to be verified by blockchain security professionals.

Other Features Of The Coinmooner Platform

On this platform, customers can also use other features that allow them to use the latest technology and experience new sensations.


Each of the platform users can conduct airdrops using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth file transfer technology from a variety of token projects.

During the airdrop process, the coins are distributed across a common base and expand their audience of potential users for free.

Airdrops are very useful for all customers. They allow members of communities of like-minded people to communicate and exchange important and relevant information.

GameFi – Blockchain-based Gaming

Blockchain games are another unique feature of CoinMooner. On the online portal, you can choose your favorite from 70 games and play them online. Also, if you make it to the end of the game, you can win a reward.

Since CoinMooner is trying to update tokens and cryptocurrency in general, special attention is paid to game development. After all, everyone knows that among all types of interaction, games captivate users the most. So Blockchain games meet all the trends of the crypto industry.

What Is A CoinMooner Token

The platform also provides its own developed CoinMooner coin ($MOONER). The coin entered the market at the end of 2021 and was especially popular due to active advertising on the platform website.

This coin can be used in games, to earn money in the crypto industry, and to buy unique NFT cryptographic tokens. Using their own native coins, platform users can receive unique offers and promotions. It is beneficial to use these discounts to promote and distribute your developed tokens in the system.


Our editors believe that the CoinMooner new token listings platform is quite progressive and reliable. The main advantages of the project are simplicity, clarity, and the ability to spend time not only with pleasure but also with benefit on this site. If you have a desire to have passive income with the help of cryptocurrency, then CoinMooner is definitely what you need. It has everything from native tokens to games. Visit the online platform today to see for yourself what the CoinMooner team has to offer.

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