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Cornelia Poletto: The cook’s fortune and income

How rich is Cornelia Poletto?

Cornelia Poletto was a good match even before her marriage to Rüdiger Grube. She has built her own foothold and is not financially dependent on her husband. However, it will not be a disadvantage that the former rail boss is one of the top managers in Germany. Of course, his second wife has not retired for a long time. Rather, she is one of the celebrity women in Germany who have a rich man by their side, but still have both feet firmly on their feet. In the meantime, Cornelia Poletto has finally achieved a high level of awareness on television, so that most German connoisseurs should probably know this woman. The cherished Cornelia Poletto’s assets are EUR 3.5 million.

Lots of prices for the cook

Credit to Cornelia Poletto
Her awards also show that she deserves this recognition. From 2002 to 2010, her restaurant, which also bears the name of its owner, was finally able to enjoy a Michelin star. In 2006, the Hamburg native was also awarded the Eckart Witzigmann Prize. She won the award in the category “Innovation, Young Gastronomy and Young Talent.” In the meantime Cornelia Poletto is one of the established greats in the German cooking scene.

It all started at a Bavarian hotel management school. your She did an apprenticeship in Heiz Winkler’s kitchen in Aschau (Chiemgau). In 1995 he returned to Hamburg. Cornelia Poletto was able to work there as a sous-chef. The star restaurant Anna & Sebastiano, which therefore had a decisive influence on her career, no longer exists in the meantime. This career move should also have a decisive impact on your private life. After all, it was during this time that today’s celebrity chef met her first husband, Remigio Poletto.

The career of Cornelia Poletto

Cornelia Poletto ran her first restaurant together with her husband in the Hamburg district of Eppendorf. From 2000 to 2010 the doors of the Poletto were open. Unfortunately, however, the property that housed the restaurant was sold in 2010, which also resulted in the establishment being closed. In June 2011, Cornelia Poletto managed to open a new restaurant near the old location. Next to the Cornelia Poletto restaurant there was also a deli there. Less than two years later, the busy cook even founded her own cooking school right next to her restaurant.

Income from Cornelia Poletto
Cornelia Poletto was of course personally responsible for the cooking classes. Since autumn 2014, the entrepreneur has also appeared with her dinner show. “Cornelia Poletto – Palazzo“Is performed for several months in the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg during the winter season. It is a combination of an entertaining circus program, which is accompanied by an excellent four-course menu.

Internationally successful and socially committed

In the meantime, she has also made her international breakthrough. At least it could Open the “The Twins by Cornelia Poletto” restaurant in April 2018 in Shanghai. Incidentally, the name is derived from Poletto’s cooperation partners. After all, behind this restaurant is not only the cook herself, but also the Zwilling group from Solingen, who are known for their sharp kitchen knives. A shop and a cooking school are also attached to the restaurant. The area of ​​640 square meters that the bar in the Taikoo Hui Mall shopping center takes up could hardly be more impressive.

In the past, Cornelia Poletto was repeatedly seen in a number of productions on German TV. From “Lanz cooks” to “Die Küchenschlacht” to her jury membership at “The Taste”, the Hamburg native has been able to sharpen her public profile on numerous occasions in the past. at “The Taste” on Sat 1 she tries with her cooking colleagues Roland Trettl, Frank Rosin and Alexander Herrmann and a team of candidates to bring a dish with full flavor to just one spoon. The celebrity cook also makes a difference for a good cause. After all, she is not only the patron of the children’s hospital in Hamburg-Altona, but is also committed to the Reading Foundation.

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