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Alexa Vega, also known as Cruz Hudson Rue, is a singer and actress. She was born in Miami, Florida, to Gina Rue and Sean Covel. She has six siblings: Margaux, Jet, Greylin, and Makenzie. She also has a maternal half-sister named Crizia. In 2009, she gave birth to her youngest son, Cruz Hudson, who was born in 2009.

Originally from Columbia, Vega grew up in an unusually large family. Her parents were a former model and a fashion photographer. Her four sisters, all actresses, are all famous. Her half-sister, Cruz Hudson Rue, is an aspiring dancer who has performed in a few musicals and a stage show. Her younger sister, Makenzie, is an aspiring actress. Her half-brothers, Justin Blake and Leslie Picker, have a wiki biography.

Among her siblings, Alexa Vega has four half-sisters and two younger sisters. Her parents are a former American fashion model and a Columbian-American fashion photographer. Her older sisters are actors and her younger half-sister, Cruz Hudson Rue, is an actress. Her parents homeschooled her when she was a child, and she played water polo, cross country, and even took dancing lessons while she was still a kid.

Vega has six siblings. Her father, an American model, and mother, a former fashion photographer, were both involved in drug smuggling. Despite her success in the entertainment industry, her parents are not happy. Vega’s parents divorced her once she turned pro. She is a dual citizen: American, and Colombian. This is a story of love and sacrifice.

Vega grew up in a large family, with six siblings: Makenzie, Jet, Greylin, and Cruz Hudson Rue. Her mother and father are both Columbian and American. Her sister, Alexa, is a model, but is also a homeschooled student. Her father is a Colombian, and her mother is an American. Her mother was raised in New York City.

Cruz Hudson Rue’s mother and father are from the same area. Her father was an American model, and his mother was a Columbian. Their mother was a homeschooled student and participated in cross-country races and water polo. Her siblings were all devoted to dancing. Their father and mother’s love for their daughters was evident in their children, and they were very close. After her parents’ divorce, they had no kids.

Vega is a Colombian-American actress. She has starred in many movies, including The Hunters, Machete Kills, and Broken Hill. She has no children and has been married to a variety of men. Vega is a popular TV personality. Whether she is a singer or a model, she has worked in a variety of roles. She also has her own wiki, which you can visit to learn more about her career.

Besides acting, Cruz Hudson has appeared in many movies, including Machete Kills, Do You Believe?, and Broken Hill. She is also a CNBC personality and a wiki biographer. She has six siblings and has married two other actors. She is of Columbian-American ethnicity. It is unknown what her actual ancestry is, but she has had a very interesting life.

Her family history is quite interesting and she has a number of siblings. Her father was a fashion photographer and her mother is an American model. Her half-sisters are also actresses. They have been married for three years and have no children. Moreover, she has been married to several men, including an American. Her father was a CNBC personality. The mother is a Columbian-American.

In addition to being a talented actress, Cruz Hudson Rue is a musician and a singer. Her bandmate, Carlos Pena, is also the proud father of Alexa Vega. The two are engaged and have been dating for quite a while. Initially, the couple were spotted shopping in Studio City, California. Later, their relationship grew to become more serious and they even got engaged.

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