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Eddie Long was a controversial figure in the African-American community and was the subject of many scandals. However, he was also a very effective preacher and leader. The former wife of Bishop Eddie Long, Dabara S. Houston, has reportedly filed divorce papers. She claims that Bishop Long abused her and their baby during the marriage. According to the court documents, the abuse happened when Houston was seven-and-a-half months pregnant. She allegedly fled the marriage, leaving her child with Long. The two were married in 1981 and divorced in 1983. They have a son together.

His Current Life

Bishop Eddie Long was a $5 million net worth American preacher. He was born in Huntersville, North Carolina on May 12, 1953. Currently he is the senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a megachurch in unincorporated DeKalb County, Georgia, near Lithonia, Georgia, in the United States

Abusive Husband

The divorce papers filed by Bishop Eddie Long’s ex-wife claimed that he abused her and their child. She alleged that Long was violent and cruel, and that he pushed her to the floor. Her eldest child was born after the couple separated. Eventually, Long’s temper sent the two fleeing to safety. But Houston did not give up. The bishop has not commented on the allegations.


The first wife of Bishop Eddie L. Long, Dabara S. Houston, claimed that her ex-husband had abused her, and that he had a violent temper. She also fled with her son from the couple’s Fairburn home. In the 1980s, Long and Dabara S. Houston were married, but they separated after a few years. The first wife filed a counterclaim, alleging abuse after her husband petitioned for divorce. After his filing, Houston and Long had been living together for two years. But the two were divorced soon after the marriage.

Violent during Pregnancy 

Dabara S. Houston, the first wife of Bishop Eddie L. Long, filed divorce papers, claiming that Bishop Long had abused her during her pregnancy. She was pregnant with their first child when Houston escaped the home. She claimed that Long’s volatile temper had locked her in a home of terror. Her abuse continued until she fled to safety, and she eventually filed for divorce. The lawyer for Bishop Eddie L. Long said the timing of the story is curious.

Filed a Counterclaim

Although his first wife filed divorce papers, she claims that Bishop Long did not physically abuse her and that she was a victim of cruel treatment. She was terrified of Long’s violent temper, which she escaped with her son. The pastor denied the claims. But she has filed a counterclaim. Despite her allegations, she has not returned to the church. She remarried, and her divorce case is ongoing.


She claimed that Bishop Eddie L. Long had been violent and abusive. She fled with her son from their Fairburn home. Her attorney says the AJC story is not accurate. But the accusations of abuse are still unfounded. It is not surprising that the two are no longer together. It is a complicated divorce.

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