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Damaury Mikula Laced


The arrest of Damaury Mikula has been in the news for several months. A popular online entertainment personality, he is a content maker, blogger, and lip-matching artist. His actions have been highly polarizing and a source of controversy. However, the arrest has shed some light on the situation. The arrest reflects the complicated position of the online entertainment personality in our society. Let’s take a look at his laced past.

No Drug Charge History

Mikula, who is under guardianship, was stopped by Florida Highway Patrol officers for speeding and burning tires next to a patrol car. He ran red lights as he did this, but was caught by the police. Although he has no history of substance abuse, it is important to note that his arrest is based solely on traffic violations. It doesn’t seem that Mikula had any prior drug charges. His behavior and habits were questioned by many, while his daughter was upset that he was not with her.

Controversy on Social Media

The arrest of Damaury Mikula has sparked a controversy on social media. He is a popular social media personality known for his videos on his YouTube channel and Tiktok account. He was last active on social media sites on November 1, 2021, but has not posted on them in nearly a week. His arrest has forced him to step away from social media, and he’s not being active on them.

Arrest Fame

The arrest and subsequent investigation of Damaury Mikula has caused a stir online, and his Instagram and Twitter accounts have been flooded with comments. However, his arrest was not the only reason for the viral popularity of his videos. Destiny Akyla, the girlfriend of Mikula, is not involved in the case. The couple has a daughter, Isabella Mikula. It’s not known how long he’ll remain on the social media site.

Famous Mugshots

Damaury Mikula is a highly-viewed social media influencer and a famous face. He gained a huge following on TikTok. Though his arrest has not been confirmed, mugshots of him have gone viral. The arrest has caused a lot of speculation, but Damaury Mikula’s arrest will surely make the internet a more vibrant place. It’s good to know that this young star is not a stranger to controversy.

A Father Too

His fans will not be able to keep up with the latest updates. The young father of a little girl is a rising star on the social media scene, with 767 followers on his Instagram page. But there’s one problem: Mikula hasn’t posted any updates on his Instagram or Twitter for a week. His followers are waiting for clarification. The public is desperate for some information. It’s a tough time for a rising star of the internet entertainment industry.

 Former YouTube Star

While Damaury Mikula has become a social media sensation, the latest arrest is concerning. The former YouTube star, known for his humorous videos and pranks, has been missing on social media sites for several days. While his social media activity is still in a relapse, he hasn’t posted any videos from jail. So it’s hard to tell whether he is really laced or just hiding in hiding.


Rumors have emerged that he was recently incarcerated for criminal trespass. According to one Twitter user, he screamed, stripped off his clothing, and even wiped the windows. Rumors suggest this is the rapper’s second arrest for an offense. Previously, he was arrested in 2021 after blowing a red light and leading police on a high-speed chase.

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